Diamancel Foot File # 11

This is a true story, none of it is made up. Once long ago, my husband had told em he had purchased a new comforter. I had come home that day from a particularly tough climb and I was delirious from sleep. A quick shower later, the only senses that were working touch and smell. I hopped into bed, my eyes already cemented shut, and I thought, "Wow, satin sheets! Awesome job hubby." I could have sworn my feet were encased in satin. Turns out, my feet were so rough our old sheets felt like satin. Again, none of this is made up or exaggerated. I have the most callous-prone feet in the world and every week I'm off to sand them off.

I've used many tools in the past, from the PedEgg (which is great, study, cheap, and effective) to something of a callous rasping device (the name escapes me but the memories of bleeding feet do not). In my quest to not have carpet fibers stick to the callous of my feet by the end of each week, I ordered the Diamancel # 11 Foot File.

It cost me $48, which made me expect a miracle. The PedEgg is always such a dramatic improvement that at first I was disappointed with the Diamancel Foot File. It felt less heavy duty. Sure, the head of the foot file is generous and I am able to really put some muscle into it. I use it on dry skin, as is recommended, and noticed that it needs to be built up. It seems to rasp away less than the PedEgg initially. But as I started to use it more, I noticed that the results are longer lasting and that it takes away most of the dead skin and leaves the non-calloused part alone. One major difference I notice with the Diamancel foot file is that I get less hard and jagged regrowth of callous compared to the PedEgg.

However, the big question is if it is worth the price. I would say that it is, simply because it removes the dead skin so gently that it has become my go-to callous remover. It is leaps and bounds better than any callous remover cream/gel I've tried and, if you want something gentler and more long lasting, better than the PedEgg.

image source: www.macys.com

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