Forest Essentials Madurai Jasmine and Mogra Light Day Cream

I was so impressed with Forest Essentials' Ubtan that I decided to test their other products. My mother had been raving about the smell of Forest Essentials' Jasmine and Mogra Day Cream that I cautiously decided to try it. Why cautiously you ask? While my mom is my hero she is also not one of the chosen ones in make-up terms. To her. pink and mauve are the same, reds and pinks are "almost the same," shimmer and matte are "somewhat also the same," and well, need I say more? So while I trust her judgement on 99.99% of things, beauty products do not fall into that large bucket. And I have one more feather in my cap now.

Let me start off wit the positives, the Forest Essentials Jasmine and Mogra Day Cream is very light, absorbs quickly, didn't clog my pores, and moisturizes well enough. The formula is great for those with normal to oily skin to use. It also has SPF 25, but I'm not sure what the ingredients are that make up the sunscreen so I can't evaluate that aspect properly. I used my regular sunscreen on top for added protection.

Now that the positives are out of the way, let me start with why I disliked this product so much. The smell is overpowering, strong, and does not fade for a long time. I would gladly buy a body butter that smelled like this. There is no artificial element to the smell, it really does remind me of jasmine (incidentally I hail from somewhere near Madurai). But it is too strong and long lasting.

The first time I applied the cream, I liked the smell but I was waiting for the smell to subside. It never did. I ended up getting a headache, which continued for the five days I used this cream. My aunt used to joke that the women in my family are goddesses who each represent a specific part of a headache. This cream made me realize there might be something to that idea after all. My headache led to painful sinuses and pain near my temples. The moment I stopped using the cream, my headache vanished.

Forest Essentials Madurai Jasmine and Mogra Light Day Cream is not a bad cream as far as moisturizing properties, texture, etc. But the smell is so overpowering and in too close proximity with my nose, which I why I say tread cautiously with this one.

Top 10 Products of 2011: Chanel Silhouette Rouge Allure

I'm a nude lipstick fiend. I don't get annoyed anymore by muggles who can't tell nudes apart, I've reached that elevated state of make-up nirvana. And in my nirvana I wear Chanel Silhouette lipstick (well most of the time anyways).

Chanel's Silhouette lipstick and I have had a torrid love affair since time immemorial. The formula is divine, and while I always have to use a balm under any lipstick the Rouge Allure formula and this lipstick in particular is very gentle on my lips. And I love the packaging. I always call it the James Bond of lipsticks. But that's not what Silhouette such a standout for me. 

Silhouette is a must have for the desi girl. I can see a lot of different skin tones wearing it, from very fair to my skin tone, to darker than me. It is a mauve and slightly brown toned pink and it veers on the cool side. It blends beautifully with any lip liners and glosses I pair it up with. But the true magnificence of this lipstick lies in its ability to look neutral but in a much less cadaverous and more adventurous way. Its cool tone gives it a bit of a fresh, unexpected touch to it. 

I will post swatches of it tomorrow and possibly a look with it as well. It is one of my favorite, timeless lipstick loves and a desi-look staple in my kit.