Top 10 Products of 2011: Chanel Silhouette Rouge Allure

I'm a nude lipstick fiend. I don't get annoyed anymore by muggles who can't tell nudes apart, I've reached that elevated state of make-up nirvana. And in my nirvana I wear Chanel Silhouette lipstick (well most of the time anyways).

Chanel's Silhouette lipstick and I have had a torrid love affair since time immemorial. The formula is divine, and while I always have to use a balm under any lipstick the Rouge Allure formula and this lipstick in particular is very gentle on my lips. And I love the packaging. I always call it the James Bond of lipsticks. But that's not what Silhouette such a standout for me. 

Silhouette is a must have for the desi girl. I can see a lot of different skin tones wearing it, from very fair to my skin tone, to darker than me. It is a mauve and slightly brown toned pink and it veers on the cool side. It blends beautifully with any lip liners and glosses I pair it up with. But the true magnificence of this lipstick lies in its ability to look neutral but in a much less cadaverous and more adventurous way. Its cool tone gives it a bit of a fresh, unexpected touch to it. 

I will post swatches of it tomorrow and possibly a look with it as well. It is one of my favorite, timeless lipstick loves and a desi-look staple in my kit.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the look. I am always looking for the perfect nude!

12:16 PM
Indian American Mom said...

It's really nice to have an everyday neutral rec for us desis. I have found that many neutrals are just blah or too light for my skin.

But I'm not into the Chanel price tag. Any recs for a cheaper dupe?

1:37 PM
xbeautybee said...

nice colour :)

11:28 AM
Miss Iffa said...

Your blog is just perfect! It's perfect and you pick great products which every desi girl dreams of! <3

3:27 PM
murt said...

Nice -thx for this - I am always unsure of what nudes to select for my skin colour (which is similar to yours).

10:41 PM
indian beauty diva said...

i m inspired by ur perfect...i made a blog too..please visit

1:54 AM
cottasofia said...

It's color is very nice. I liked it so much. Thanks for giving nice blog.

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5:54 AM
Anonymous said...

Loving the blog and can't wait to see a swatch of this. I have a similar skin tone to you and always struggle with finding the right lip color.
Please post pics soon :)

12:38 PM
Anonymous said...

What is the color "number" I really want to get this color!

8:51 PM
PetitePralines............................. said...

I think the number is 06

7:25 PM
Runjhun said...

SWATCHES, please. :D As I'm now a poor college student and don't have as much spending money as I used to, any cheaper ripoffs you can recommend? Especially since I'm not that much of a lipstick person. I tend to prefer my own lip color (*awkward moment: a friend saw me put on lip balm and commented that she really liked the color. I gave her a blank stare and told her it was clear [the carmex stuff that comes in a lipstick like container] What slipped out of her mouth but "I like the color of your lips..." the expression on her face was to die for! We both burst out laughing in the library.)

Also, random, but does your hair require a TON of conditioner? I use probably two silver dollars worth of the stuff. :\

I haven't commented on your blog in forever because I've been too wrapped up in college work! I'm on summer break now though. So I do have a bit of free time (which will disappear very soon, unfortunately).

9:04 AM
vanaja said...

Hi.....!It looks amazing. :)

12:07 AM
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6:01 AM
Puja said...

Thnx for sharing...will definitely try for myself.

12:30 PM
Anonymous said...

thanx ,,,hope it suits me too,,thanks
harpreet kaur

9:09 PM
Muhammad Zahid Iqbal said...

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ellareiss said...

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Murano Glass said...

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10:24 PM
Aruna said...

I have been ruminating about this very same nude lipstick topic! I have a nude by Paul and Joe, that matches my lip color exactly, but does nothing to enhance. And I will give this a go!

8:30 PM
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