10 Best Products of 2011 Biotherm Biosource Foaming Invigorating Cleansing Water

After I had a baby, all days seemed to blur into one. However, I couldn't shake this gnawing feeling that something might be off. There might be something different in the next couple of days and then it hit me! It's almost New Year's. I have a bunch of postings I wanted to do and un update on the foreign service (yep, I know I said I would write one and I will, just after my interview is done and hopefully I can give a clearer picture on how I tackled it). So without further ado, here is the first stand-out product for 2011.

Biotherm Biosource Foaming Invigorating Cleansing Water

Having a baby changes a lot of things, not just in your life but physically too. For one, you'll have nights where the baby is finally asleep but you'll stay up, offering silent prayer in the hope that post-partum hair loss will NOT turn you bald. The other is that your skin will change like the wind and everything will make it break out. In fact it is so frustrating you'll want to tear your hair out. And then you'll cry realizing if you did, you actually will be bald.

Biotherm states that Biosource Foaming Invigorating Cleansing Water, is, well, a soap free, self-foaming cleanser with a lovely airy mousse quality. It is very gentle and doesn't leave any filmy residue behind. Since my skin is combination to insane (read oily and dry on different days), I found that this cleanser really balances my skin and beings it close to normal. The cleanser itself is marketed towards combination to normal , and I would have to agree. I don't think it would be very well suited for very oily skin types.

So how does the cleanser actually get rid off make-up? Pretty well. I can rely on it to remove most of my make-up except any stubborn mascara or eyeliner. Since I use a separate eye make-up remover anyway, I can skip this problem. The quantity is generous and one pump suffices to clean and remove make-up in one go. I'm not a huge fan of high-end cleansers, this particular one is worth it.

Edited to add, I got this cleanser at Sephora in Malaysia (KL). I can't seem to find it in the US website for Biotherm, however it is sold in many places in KL. I will update on whether it is only sold in Asia.

image source: www.yesstyle.com

Shade Spotter: Padma Lakshmi and Nars Kalahari (the Brown Girl's Must)

Padma Lakshmi isn't one to really go overboard or even dramatic on the make-up. Nars kalahari is a great duo that will help achieve her look.

On a personal note, I'm not even going to start by writing it's the only eyeshadow I'll ever need or want or have. We both know I'd be lying; there's no use in pretending. But Kalahari is the one duo from Nars that I find versatile and a great basic, flattering duo I think every brown girl would need in her arsenal.

image source: Topnews.in