INTERVIEW: Ojas Rajani

It's more like an interviewlet actually, considering I'm waiting to get the other half of the interview done. However, I am posting the small bit of information I have since it's been sitting in my 'to be posted' folder for so long. And if you saw Endhiran (Robot), which I will admit I watched with an oversized bucket of popcorn and a huge diet coke (judge if you must but in my mind the diet aspect balances out the butter in the popcorn. I'm Indian, I'm stereotypically gifted with math and such, which I am now using to my benefit), he's the one responsible for Aishwarya's make-up in the movie. I was a fan of the movie and her make-up in it, couldn't pass up mentioning it. Haters to the left, it was a fun movie to watch.

ME: How did you started?
OJAS RAJANI: I always inclined to hair and make-up from childhood. I would replicate make-up on my mom and sister. However, my dad didn't like it much. Whatever I did, I did without technical knowledge. I got a regular job as a cost accountant, but I was very bored with it. So I decided to pursue make-up. I eventually got a position working with veejays on Channel V. I did a lot of freelancing and music videos too.
That's how I got started.

ME: What are some of your favourite products?
OJAS RAJANI: L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen mascara. It's great for lashes.

I mix and match foundation and play around with airbrush mixtures.

ME: What are some items every woman should own?

OJAS RAJANI: Sunscreen. Everything is protected and make-up looks good on it. I like the Neutrogena Helioplex sunscreen as it's very friendly for foundation.

Benefit has some great products

L'Oreal Roll On foundation. I used it on Aishwarya Rai in a Longines ad.

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Colleen Francisca Make-up part 2

Tutorial: Colleen Francisca

Here's the inspiration pic for the Colleen Francisca tutorial.

Here's a list of the tools that I used:

  • MAC 192 brush for foundation
  • MAC 109 for bronzer, powder, and highlighter
  • MAC 227 brush for eyeshadow
  • MAC 252 for concealor
Here's a list of the make-up I used:
  • Dior Forever liquid foundation in 040
  • MUFE Full Cover concealor in 12
  • Dior Amber Diamond highlighter
  • Chanel Le Bronze eyeshadow
  • Kryolan eye shadow base
  • MAC Feline kohl
  • Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume mascara
  • Ben Nye Banane Visage Poudre
  • Bobbi Brown Bahamas bronzer
  • OCC lip tar in Trick
  • Chanel aqualumiere gloss in 69