Kareena Kapoor Inspiration Pic (Mumbai Police Show 2010)

Here you go, this is the inspiration pic.

image source: www.bollywood300.onsugar.com

Kareena Kapoor Make-up Look Part 2

Wet 'n' Wild Mellow Wine Blush: Latest Love

In my undergrad, I used to browse the aisles of the CVS right next to my apartment. At some point I'm sure the employees at CVS would verify they could in fact see me on tape and I wans't some ghostly apparition come to haunt whatever new beauty products were out on display. And it so happened that one night during an emergency run to CVS not too long ago, I chanced to haunt the aisles again. This time the employee was just bored and not as fascinated with my nightly visit but I did manage to snap up Wet 'n' Wild's fabulous blush in Mellow Wine.

Mellow Wine comes in minimalist black case with a clear cover and the brush it comes with is completely useless. However, the blush that comes inside is now one of my staples (if ones list of staples can be over 50 that is). Mellow Wine is a matte warm dusty rose with some brown in it. My expectations weren't very high when I first applied the blush, in fact I thought it would not be too pigmented. However, the pigmentation of this blush rivals quite a few high-end blushes.

My skin is currently very temperamental and can go for oil slick (my natural state of being) to extremely dry (the weather is more predictable than my skin). I did not expect a $3 blush to weather all the oily and dry climates of my skin, but I was pleasantly surprised. The blush stayed on for the entire day and there is no chalkiness to the texture either.

The one thing I did find was that the blush was powdery when I swiped my brush over it. Instead of swiping my brush I've found that patting the colour onto my brush works better. If I had paid more, I might be annoyed but for the amazing pigmentation, lasting power, and price, I think I'll deal.

This blush is a great staple for desi skintones, and would look good on lighter skintones as well as those on the darker side. If you don't mind the packaging, it's a great staple.