Shade Spotter: Padma Lakshmi and Nars Kalahari (the Brown Girl's Must)

Padma Lakshmi isn't one to really go overboard or even dramatic on the make-up. Nars kalahari is a great duo that will help achieve her look.

On a personal note, I'm not even going to start by writing it's the only eyeshadow I'll ever need or want or have. We both know I'd be lying; there's no use in pretending. But Kalahari is the one duo from Nars that I find versatile and a great basic, flattering duo I think every brown girl would need in her arsenal.

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Ade said...

Hi Anu, thanks, will definitely check this out. Just wanted to say I heart your blog so much, and it's great to see you post! I am slowly building a makeup collection after 7 years in the dungeons of grad school and your posts and recs have been instrumental! Also you are insanely beautiful. Just saying.

2:20 AM
SG said...

This is a lovely look, would love a breakdown/video please!

11:26 AM
Anonymous said...

Anu, would you please do a review on forest essentials products? They are priced quite high so a review from a seasoned make up person would help in choosing the products..thanks

10:55 PM
Marge said...

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lots of love
XOXO everyone has issues ♥

9:48 AM
Kala said...

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11:52 PM
Email List Broker said...

Here She goes so beautiful.

3:57 AM
heavy hedonist said...

Interesting blog! I'm crazy for info on other women's makeup issues. Peace, Mari

7:36 PM
Anonymous said...

What color lipstick and lipgloss is she wearing?

12:14 PM
Kev Stevens said...

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11:28 PM
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7:23 AM
yogesh kumawat said...

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1:01 AM
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