Inspiration for Video: The Ever Gorgeous Padma Lakshmi

I am stil editing my video on Padma's look but here is the inspiration pic. I wasn't able to find the exact pic I used for inspiration but it isn't too heartbreaking as it is very similar to this look just with more pigmented lips.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm not sure what Padma Laxmi has been doing to her face, but she needs to STOP. Between the rhinoplasty and excessive use of botox and fillers, she's staring to resemble the bastard lovechild of a Madam Tussuad's waxwork figure and an martian.

3:44 AM
Anonymous said...

Oops I meant 'starting' not 'staring' and 'a martian' not 'an martian'. Damn insomnia.

3:46 AM
akif said...

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12:52 AM
Bruce said...

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Anonymous said...

Akif: Were you referring to Anu's post, or my comment about Padma's frozen face? If you were referring to my comment: it's hard to find pictures of Padma from her teens and twenties, and it seems like she's been having work done on her face for QUITE some time now, but even as late as 2007, her face looked far more human.

She may also have had a mammoplasty, from what I can tell.

8:22 PM
organic cosmetics said...

I love her style. She uses mineral makeups so that she can stay looking clean and original. I see a lot of pretty women covering their faces with chemical makeups leaving their faces look fake and plastic.

4:11 PM
joda said...

She is absolutely stunning! Such a natural beauty! I love when it looks like a celebrity doesn't have to try that hard to be beautiful!

11:36 PM
Anonymous said...

Um, yeah Joda: should've gone to Specsavers!
Natural beauty, my arse.

3:45 PM
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