Hourglass Lash Lacquer, For the Latisse-less Amongst Us

First off, sorry for the late updates. I flew solo (say it again slowly, it gives me shivers just merely writing this) with baby halfway around the world. I thought I was she-woman. I even roared. I started updating my blog and making a few videos, ready to hit publish. And then baby started teething. I have two words: Holy Frijole. Interpret as you wish.

That aside, I used to love the effects of latisse. My whimpy lashes got a huge boost and I was sure I had a deer or two stalking me out of jealousy. And then I got pregnant and couldn't use it anymore. I still can't use it while nursing. My lashes were never the same. I thought I could sometimes see my deer-stalkers point and laugh "oh, how the mighty have fallen." Although my lashes have never been able to compare, Hourglass's Film Noir Lash Lacquer gives them an extra oomph and is very visible in photos.

I admit, the lacquer is a bit of a pain to apply, it comes with a brush applicator so you literally have to paint your lashes. The formula itself is fairly thick but viscous and while it doesn't sting and burn my eyes, I can't imagine people with sensitive eyes loving the feeling if it happens to fall in. The color is a beautiful glossy black and in one coat does thicken the lashes. You will also probably need to have a clean mascara wand or spoolie handy as the lash lacquer can make your lasts clump together as if they were having a reunion of sorts.

The reason I do love and recommend this product is that it really does give that extra oomph, especially in pictures, and opens up the eyes beautifully. Paired with a primer, I get beautifully think lashes. Much more than with mascara or primer alone. It can put your look from lovely lashes to a luscious looking fringe. An that to me, makes it worth it.

Agreed, I might be a bit too lazy to use it every day. But for those days where you do want a bit more drama, even with a volumizing mascara, this, especially when pared with a primer, really ups the drama.

image source: www.sephora.com


mineral makeup brushes said...

I am guessing that it is not organic?? It doesn't sound very safe if you cannot use it while you have a baby. i really only use natural cosmetics but I would like to find something to give me eye lashes a boost.

4:10 PM
Anonymous said...

Really you cannot use any "normal" make-up brand while pregnancy? anyhow, were can you buy lacquer? we dont have sephora in germany :( - christina

4:04 AM
Anonymous said...


Have you tried fast lash? I have it and it works great. It takes a lil practice to apply.

11:56 AM
cottasofia said...

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4:11 AM
Kev Stevens said...

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yogesh kumawat said...

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josewyatt007 said...

This product is grate it make lashes extremely black, and gives length and volume the only reason I didn't give it a 5 is because to take it off is a nightmare, you"ll need a really good eye makeup remover and even then it will be hard to remove. To get more info please visit http://customessayswritingservice.com/term-papers/. Oh well the price of beauty!!!

1:46 PM
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