Crystalift Review

My battle with my skin during pregnancy has been well documented in my household. From hormonal outbursts of despair to crying spells, suffice it to say my skin was a painful, dry, dull, lackluster mess. Oe thing that made a significant impact was the crystalift.

I'm not a huge fan of physical exfoliants. I am wary of broken capillaries as I have fairly thing skin, and, to day the least, physical exfoliants have a tendency to break me out. I've had microderm abrasion done before and while the results were nice, I didn't feel like spending so much on treatments.

My skin during pregnancy was dry, extremely irritable, and painfully slow to heal. I also battled cystic acne, which was thankfully not that reagent but when it did occur it was incredibly painful and left a scar. I got the crystalift out of desperation and I have been thankful I got it ever since,

The machine is small and compact and has varying degrees of exfoliation. Each capsule is good for one use and It is recommended to do one session every week. The only negative thing about this is that you have to keep buying capsules, which come in a pack of four.

The wand is easy to control and has decent suction. The exfoliation is not medical grade but my skin looks much better after every use. It restores as much of a glow as it can and I have found that it is very helpful in preventing breakouts. After i started using this, my cystic zits significantly decreased and whatever breakouts I did get were much less painful and big.

Personally, I feel it does a much superior job to the home kits where I had to manually exfoliate. However, I think that if your skin isn't as hormonally imbalanced as mine was (which is a polite way of saying my skin took on a life of it's own and sought to destroy me), the crystalift machine might be excessive. But if you want something that exfoliates thorughly, then this might be worth looking in to.


mini said...

Welcome back!!! you were dearly missed in the blogging world. Hope you are feeling better now.

9:39 AM
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akif said...

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Harpreet said...

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9:30 AM
Bruce said...

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akif said...

Welcome back!you were dearly missed in the blogging world.Hope you are feeling better now.

11:54 PM
mineral foundation said...

Your skin is suppose to glow while you are pregnant.. =) But the same thing happened to me - the pregnancy took all of the nutrients out of my body including my skin and left me looking aged. How much is this product?

4:14 PM
Kev Stevens said...

This blog is a great source of information which is very useful for me. Thank you.

11:32 PM
Bryce Edwards said...

I LOVE this machine, I have used it 4 times and saw results the very first time!! my daughter is threatening to steal it ! she loves it too!! Just remember to use Sunscreen !!! It is gentle and fast. I recommend it to everyone. To get more info please visit

9:38 PM
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