Chanel Illusoire: Awakens Make-up Lust Even in the Most Sleep Deprived

First let me point out the cleverness of the title. I'm sleep deprived, and I managed to channel it to a creative end. Or something like that. Now that my sleep is gone I figure let me make a smokey eye out of my dark circles (the make-up equivalent of making lemonade out of lemons if you will). Enter Chanel Illusoire Illusion d'Ombre shadow.

Illusoire comes in a round pot and an applicator that while cute, I ditched fairly quickly. The texture feels like a light cream, almost mousse like. It's very soft and blendable and even if I hadn't been so sold on the co our, the texture itself would have tempted me. However, the colour is truly what woke me up from my nap to write this review.

Illusoire is a very shimmery taupe-grey with a hint of purple to my eye. I once bought Bobbi Brown's Galaxy cream shadow hoping it would be the perfect grey for a quick smokey eye. Alas, while that hope was shattered as quickly as my belief that carob was a legitimate replacement for chocolate (it's not, don't even try to convince me). However, Illusoire is everything I had wanted Galaxy to be and more. It lends itself to a quick smokey eye with a great depth of colour. It's not too cool or flat a gray for me to feel uncomfortable with it. The complexity and shimmer of the colour make me feel so polished and glam in a swipe.

The lasting power, well it's pretty decent worn alone. I have never experienced a cream shadow that didn't crease on me without primer. I laugh defiantly in the face of companies that claim their cream shadows won't crease, and Chanel has me still laughing. However, I can get eight hours wear with a primer underneath. So maybe I'm just smiling at the lasting power claims then.

Bottom line? Run, don't walk to get this if you love a great shadow for a very wearable, quick smokey eye. And rob a bank on the way because it will cost you a pretty penny.


sara_sagacious said...

You raise an interesting issue.
thank you.

1:58 AM
Gaia said...

Not to be creeping but were you at Tysons Corner Mall earlier this evening (friday the 15th)? I work at this little tea shop Teavana and I swear I saw this lady who looks EXACTLY like you walk by. I thought her face looked reallly familiar!

10:55 PM
Anonymous said...

Anu, can you do a post on makeup for work? My work place is in a pretty formal environment (read investment bank - dress code is business formals) and I am looking for some makeup tutorials. I'm actually looking for atleast 4-5 looks so that I don't look the same everyday. I am south Indian, just started using makeup, have a super oily skin and am dusky complexion by all standards. Pleaseeee help me out!!! Atleast the product breakdown would be very helpful.

10:25 AM
Anonymous said...

Congrats on your baby !!!

12:00 PM
Anonymous said...

First, congrats on the new baby and marriage. Second, Keep doing what you do and any tutorials is well appreciated (especially for the makeup inept like me - even though I have tons of makeup.) What is your opinion on the new shiseido foundation brush? Also, I think that Chanel discontinued the cinammon eyeshadow? Do you have any alternatives?

9:09 PM
Bruce said...

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1:23 AM
Zaa.Miss.Bowtie said...

I want this!! please ship to SA :(

2:26 AM
Belle said...

At my work place all of them were sold out as I was waiting for my employee discount to kick in. I ended up picking up 'Ebloui'#86 at the airport duty free while I was on my way to Mumbai. I picked this colour because the Chanel rep has suggested it. She also suggested a blush in Tweed Sienna or Imprevu and two lipsticks #32 Rouge Coco Lips and/or #39 Rouge Allure Lips.
*Note* I am Indian.
My skin tone: Fair-slight tan
My eye colour: Brown
My hair colour: Dark Black

Hope this is helpful to some of you ladies.

9:04 AM
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