Updates Coming This Evening. Taking the Foreign Service Exam Today

Wish me luck! I'm so scared. One of my greatest skills is that I'm a good student. If I could make a career out of being a student, I would. Except it needs to pay me well, so I couldn't go down that route. I'm very nervous and just had to post since it's been a while since I updated.


Emily said...

Good luck to you!! I'm curious about this exam--I just pulled up the gov't's website for it since some have recommended that I take it as well. When you return, would you mind giving a few more details about what it consists of and what you're looking to do?

2:46 PM
P said...

Good luck! Get posted to India - or Paris!

10:47 AM
Sue said...

Good Luck! I second Emily, I've been thinking about the exam and I'd appreciate any info and reccommendations. Thanks, good luck again, hope it went well!! :)

6:43 AM
Anonymous said...

All the best :-)

6:15 AM
Anonymous said...

how was the exam? i was supposed to take the test but didnt feel prepared enough so i didnt go. I'm thinking about taking it again if i don't get into something else .

11:30 AM
josewyatt007 said...

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