VIDEO: Colleen Francisca Make-up part 1


Didoleaf said...

thnks for the video Anu. I hv been reading ur blog on and off, its great to find videos in ur site. I totally agree with ur comments on the concealer. Cheers.

1:00 AM
Anonymous said...

hi anu,

i am truly envious of ur skin. You look beautiful w/o make up in video 1. what is your skin care routine? or i assume u were blessed with good genes :)


6:48 PM
Kas said...

Hi Anu,
Colleen was Miss Singapore 2006 and then 1st-runner up in Mrs World 2008.

I was at the get-together where the "inspiration" shot was taken - think you mentioned the lighting was the harsh studio type in ur 2nd vid? it was actually at a little restaurant at Marina Bay Sands in Apr 2011 :)

3:37 AM
Anonymous said...

Hi, at the begging of VIDEO: Colleen Francisca Make-up part 2, u were using some kinds of concealer... what does it call?

8:30 PM
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