Kareena Kapoor Make-up Look Part 2


priya said...

beautiful look! anu,can you please tell me the name of the dior lipstick you used? thanks a lot

3:16 PM
Indian woman on diet n fashion said...

Love your blog and your makeup.


8:31 AM
Anonymous said...

Priya, I think it is Dior Rose Decollette.


11:52 AM
Anonymous said...

Hello Anu,

I am so proud of you for taking ahead Indian skin care, makeup and routines.
Can you do a tutorial on skincare routine? I would love to know how we Indians should take care of our skin. Thank you. I will now regularly check your videos on youtube.


7:11 AM
Anonymous said...

hello anu,

Which eye line did u use? as i have tried everythin, but they all seem to smudge.

11:42 PM
Indian_view said...

Great post

Smokey eye makeup

10:45 AM
Jack Wify said...

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