Forgive me for being a bit lax, updates coming soon

I went on vacation to Istanbul, ate the city, came back, and then ironically caught the flu over here. I am hopefully on the mend after 2 weeks of rest. Not only is it driving me insane (they don't have Golden Girls on Lifetime anymore) but feeling this crappy is not my cup of tea. I'll have some stuff posted this week. Thanks for being patient. At the end of the day, vacation was so worth it.


S said...

Lurking reader you have WEtv? They still have Golden Girls there...I believe Thursday is their GG marathon day.

Hope you feel better soon!

7:23 AM
Anonymous said...

Hey Anu, please tell us how your trip went. Istanbul sounds like a very fascinating place. Please share the details!
Take care.

8:41 PM
Kati said...

Thanks for sharing your blog! I am now a follower! Please visit mine when you get a chance! Im new on blogger and looking for some friends :)

10:25 AM
Anonymous said...

golden girls still plays on the hallmark channel

8:38 PM
RC said...

when does GG play on hallmark? I miss them so much in the mornings!

2:45 PM

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