Maybelline Lash Stiletto: Pretty Good for Natural Looking Lashes

I am a self-confessed drama queen when it comes to my mascara. If you can't tell I'm wearing it and if it doesn't look like Bambi needed a few strips of false lashes to achieve my lashes, then a mascara usually isn't for me. By some weird twist of fate, or maybe, like in Jerry McGuire, I had some bad pizza and had some life-changing realizations(we will never know), I decided to try Maybelline's Lash Stiletto because I wanted length, without much drama (I feel fine typing this, in case you were wondering).

Much to my surprise, Lash Stiletto is a lovely mascara. It gives great definition and decent length and without the volume the finished look is very sophisticated and natural. The brush itself is skinny and lets me get all the hairs from the inner corner to the outer edge and coats my lashes evenly. My lashes don't look a mile long, but they do look lovely.

As a self-confessed anti-smell-in-my-make-up-nazi, I actually learned to embrace the lovely rose scent of the mascara. It's subtle, doesn't reek, and makes the product feel more luxe. (As I type this, I vow never again to have pizza late at night again. I can't stand the shift in character)

I also really liked the wear of the mascara. it didn't flake or smear but was easy to take off and it felt pretty gentle on my lashes too. I reach for this mascara on days when I want to look very subtly made up, and in its category s, this mascara is a winner.

Winter Work Make-up Part 1

Here are a few picks I had for jazzing up your work make-up in the winter.

Chanel Rouge CoCo in Venise

It's not a 'kapow' red, it's reddish which veers more towards the warm rose. The formula is very moisturizing and it feels extremely light on. It also doesn't have any shimmer. It's a lovely colour that warms up olive skintones and especially in the winter, chases sallowness away. It also adds quite a bit of glamour without being a full-on red. It's much less intimidating and easier to wear.

Zoya Sarah
This colour is my latest obsession. Zoya describes it as "pearls of dark fuchsia, red-violet and ruby tones in a bright sparkle finish." it's got some gorgeous sparkles in the polish which add just the right amount of adventurousness to work attire and bring on a bit of glamour for days when your job is anything but glamorous.

MAC Greensmoke
Not too adventurous here, but this is one of my staples during the winter. I can make my lids slightly smoky using this and smudging a black liner, add an unexpected contour to my lids, or anything else that springs to mind. This beautiful shimmery, muddy, mossy green colour adds a bit of oomph for when you get to work and are waiting for your fingers to defrost.

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Shade Spotter: Sameera Reddy's Blush during an Appearance at HDIL

To achieve Sameera Reddy's cheek colour, try dusting some NARS Luster blush slightly under the cheekbones. My tip on making this look work better in real and not have strangers politely look away from your face out of confusion? Go slightly lighter on the blush application. The look itself is great but I would have gone a bit less heavy handed on the blush.

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threading tutorial

I know I did one in the past with pictures but I think a video is so much easier for me to explain and for anyone to understand.