Fell in Love with Her Make-up: Sonakshi Sinha

Someone sent me a request on her make-up and I will do one soon. However, I was watching Dabangg the other day (please no judging), and it occurred to me what a delightfully pretty girl the heroine in the movie was. Some sleuthing later I found out her name was Sonakshi Sinha and she has lovely make-up.

And for all you blush lovers, here's a rec for the blush she's wearing in the pic above: dust Chanel Fandango blush on the apple of the cheek and sweep all the way to the temple.

Reference Pic: Katrina Kaif Tutorial Pic

I meant to upload the pic of Katrina Kaif that I referenced in my video, and here it is.

I hope to have another video out this week, I've been working diligently on the lighting. It's such a hard task. Didn't really realize how much went into that, but I'm trying to get there. Thanks for your patience.

image source: starboxoffice.com

Katrina Kaif Make-up Part 2

Will be sure to sit closer next time. Please let me know how I can improve :)

Request: Katrina Kaif Make-up Part 1

I redid it because i couldnt bear to post the other one. I will post part 2 soon. Please be kind and sorry for the mumbling and voice. I think i got rid of all the coughs and sneezes but I'm not too sure.