Video Update: Lighting Sucks but I Have One, Will Post for Filler if You Like

So... I did a video on Katrina Kaif's make-up at some awards function and it came out fine, only the lighting sucks in the video. I can upload the video while I make a better one this weekend, but let me know. I don't like the lighting much but it''s not too awful.

Quick Look: Deepika Padukone's Lipstick

Another quick shade spotter type post. I love this look on Deepika and thought I'd do a quick post on it.

To achieve Deepika's lip, line your lips with nyx cocoa lipstick and fill in with Bobbi Brown Chocolate lipstick.

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Steal of the Week: Sonam Kapoor's Eyeshadow in Aisha

I was watching Aisha the other day (I love chick flicks, Jane Austen, and other girly things. No matter how insipid or disappointing the acting, I watched the movie to the end for the make-up alone), and fell in love with the eye make-up in this look. Here's a quick how-to on the eyes:

Make a thick line with a black pencil liner on your top lid, covering around 1/2 of the lid, and smudge outward into the crease. Pat on MAC Plumage eyeshadow and bring it up to the crease, basically going over the blended out pencil liner. Then, with a crease brush, blend MAC Handwritten into the crease and extend it slightly above the crease. With a pencil brush, smudge handwritten on your lower lash line. For this look, it doesn't look like there's much liner, so skip that and add lots of volumizing mascara.

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YSL Rouge Pur Couture: It's on Every One of My Wish List (Birthday, Christmas, Diwali, Eid etc)

Once in a while I'm blown away by a product, and then I find inventive lists to put it on. There is no plausible reason why I can't concoct some celebration or the other for which I can gift YSL's Rouge Pur Couture lipstick to myself (and then I remember the price tag and then am happy with my current stash). If reality wasn't such a bitter and rather loathsome thing, I would have accumulated all the Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks by now.

YSL's Rouge Pur Couture comes in YSL's signature golden casing, which in my rather unpopular opinion is always a bit bulky but I think I can suffer (silently, but careful not to ruin my mascara over it) for the sake of beauty. The lipsticks are available in a wide range of shades and I prefer the shade selection over their widely-loved Rouge Vulopte.

The standout aspect of these lipsticks is their texture. YSL terms these lipsticks as being medium to full coverage and I agree. You can build intensity as you please. The texture however, is to die for (or in my case, write a Dear Santa letter asking for the Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks, put the letter under my husband's pillow while he sleeps, and feign complete innocence until after Christmas). The lipsticks feels so light and there is no heavy or waxy feeling that is usually associated with lipsticks. It feels like a thinner version of nivea lip balm on my lips. 

The lipstick itself is fairly hydrating and I can see others appreciating this, but I always need balm no matter what I put on my lips. As my lips always, without fail, feather as the day go by because of dryness, I had to moisten my lips with balm. However, this was done with slightly less frequency.

The colours I tried were No. 1, which is a gorgeous blood red, but unfortunately shows up a bit more orange than it is in real life. It didn't bleed all day and it's lasting power is impressive. A great lipstick for many a desi red-lip lover.

I also tried No. 10, which is a cool, slightly mauve berry colour. I at first didn't think it would look good since it's much cooler than my usual colours but it's a great step away from my comfort zone without being too bold.

Lipstick Tip: Getting Soft, Natural Looking Lipstick

I think one of the things I love most, is the no-make-up look. It's hard to achieve because you need to strike just the right balance. One of my worst qualities is that I love, obsessively adore, and am a smidgen obsessed with lipstick. It's hard to stop overdoing the lipstick, especially when you want to stain your lips.

If like me, you have two toned lips and find lipstains almost impossible (scratch that, completely impossible) to work with as it makes the difference in the tones so much more noticeable, do not fear. To get a natural looking stain, you know the kind where it's guesswork on whether someone really does have on lipstick or not, I like to apply lipstick with an eyeshadow brush. I have a few eyeshadow brushes set away for this purpose. I love the effect I can achieve with this approach.

Illasmasqua Satin Primer: (Almost) Making my Skin Drier with Envy

I wish envy wouldn't make you green but your skin just a bit drier so you could use a product. As you may have gathered from my laments, my face produces enough oil to make OPEC feel insecure. I cannot for the life of me use things meant for dry skins. However, when I use Illamasqua Satin Primer on people with dry skin, it really gives a luminous satin glow (not to be confused with the glow one gets when one can drench blotting papers with excess oils).

The Satin Primer comes in a small, oddly shaped tube and I'm fairly certain that it is on the more expensive side if you see the cost per gram. The texture is fairly thin and applies more like a day cream. I am completely against strong scents in my make-up but the scent int he primer is subtle, pleasant, non-offensive, and, most importantly, evaporates quickly. 

The remarkable thing I like about this primer, is that it truly gives a satin finish. No particles of glitter or shimmer that can be detected. Just a dewy glow. On its own, I've found that over a few hours it can look shiny. However, under foundation, it really excels. I always reach for this primer when I was to create a dewy finish and have the make-up last its longest. I find that it really puts up a valiant effort in keeping make-up stay in place.  

One of the things that people also report to me on this primer is that it doesn't dry out their already dry skin and feels very gently going on. It also doesn't feel thick, cakey, or oily and doesn't make make-up look like that either when worn over it. All in all, I think this is an amazing product. I only wish I could use it on myself, because alas it doesn't give my extremely oily skin the same effect. But for the dry skinned, it's pretty hard to beat.   

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Video Editing Software Help!

I am trying to upload a video tutorial but for the life of me can't seem to get a few parts here and there cut out (trust me it's nonsense). I tried windows movie maker (it hates me) but the sound and image seem to lag but they're fine on other software. is there anything you ladies can recommend?