Will Update Soon, Very Rough Time

Hey everyone, I know I've been saying I will keep updating, and I will, but I've just been having a very rough time the past 3 weeks. I've gone to the ER a couple of times and am just so exhausted emotionally from it all. Hopefully I'll have a bit more strength soon. In the meantime, I could do with a bunch of good vibes my way :).


Lush Cosmetic Warrior: The Next Best Thing to my Grandma's Facial Concoctions

My grandmother has this recipe where she dries various flowers and amla, mills them with a specific type of turmeric, sandalwood, and various dals. I mix it with cream and then apply it to my face. I'm not sure what the recipe is but I tried my best to get 3 kgs when I was in India. Alas, I had no time and I couldn't bring it. On top of that, my skin had decided to turn on me in the worst possible way: cystic acne and blackheads that appeared to have sucked in all the dirt in Chennai into my pores. Enter Cosmetic Warrior.

In the past week, the gunk that I drew out of my pores has rivalled the BP oil spill. However, my oily mess was easier to clean up with scrubs, creams, and Lush's Cosmetic Warrior. I will warn you, that Lush's face masks aren't the most aromatically pleasing, but I'm the girl who grew up rubbing garlic on her skin to calm down zits (and yes, I was immensely popular). This face mask might make you just as popular and just as happy with the results because it also contains fresh garlic, among other ingredients.

Garlic is a great acne fighter and the other ingredients int he mask work well together to calm down zits and make your skin soft. I keep the mask on as long as I can keep my gag relfexes under control. The moment I wash it off, I am left with super soft, glowy skin. The forming zits that were bent on populating my face also fade down considerably. In fact, this mask helped me bring my skin back to normalcy after my India trip. Well worth sacrificing my sense of smell for.

Will update tomorrow. Am back from Work, Vacation, and Moving

The past month and a half was so hectic for me. We moved, which meant I had to haul my significant amount of make-up to my new place, set it up, etc. And then I was working really late because a project was due. And then finall