When it Rains Bad Make-up, People Fall Face-Down into a Puddle Part 1: Nayantara

You know that song 'It's raining men?' Well I opened my email to see that someone had sent in this pic saying Nayantara's eyebrows were horrible. I clicked on the link, and that's when I magically heard Geri Halliwell cover her own cover of 'It's raining men,' only she was singing it as 'it's raining horrible make-up.' You see, Nayantara isn't just an example of what happens when you let a 3-year old stencil in your brows, but an overall example of what happens when you might have possibly pissed off your make-up artist.

I can live with the brows and the unblended teal eyeshadow that suggest that Nayantara's make-up artist was a child unsuccesfully trying to learn to paint by numbers. However, if her make-up artist were really a child, at least it would have had some adult supervision at some point and Nayantara's make-up would never have seen the light of day. But all this is comparable to ordering a low-fat hot chocolate with a truckload of whipped cream on top. To those of you who haven't tried this guilt-pleasing approach, what I'm trying to say is that those two flaws I mentioned are the low fat chocolate milk compared to her other true vice: the godawful contouring-like mess eating up her face.

Looking at Nayantara's nose and the area above the eyeshadow makes one wonder if her make-up artist had something of a counter-eureka moment and decided to contour Nayantara's face using a ruler. In fact, the shading around her nose and beneath her brows are almost geometric. An while we can all appreciate the desi beauty ideal of sharp features, I'm not sure it includes trying to reinvent the algebraic and geometric theorems on the plains of ones face.

A little blending would have done Nayatnara so much more favours than the harsh unlbended lines her make-up artist decided to disfavour her with. And then I could properly concentrate on bemoaning the brows.

Make-up Look: The Bronzer Made Me Do It!

I know I'm probably jinxing the warm weather (here in D.C. anyway) by getting all summery in my make-up but I can't help it! It's been so gorgeous outside I start going all loopy. For example, I busted out the camera again and since I didn't have an appropriate victim, I took a self-portrait. One of my friends actually recommended that I put it up because she loved the make-up. I have more of my victims to put up this weekend.

And just as an additional note, dear imposter please also don't try to claim my self-portraits or my photography as your own. It's annoying.

Make-up Used:
  • Revlon Photoready foundation in Golden Beige
  • Revlon Photoready powder in Translucent
  • MAC Fix + spray
  • MUFE Full Cover Concealor
  • Physician's Formula Bronze Booster in Medium to Dark
  • Chanel Rose Bronze blush
  • Estee Lauder High Gloss in Bronze (I do NOT recommend this. Worst gloss ever. skip if you want, you'll still get a gorgeous colour from the other one)
  • Chanel Sunset Gold glossimer
  • MAC Ricepaper
  • NARS Casino bronzer used as eyeshadow
  • Guerlain loose kohl in Black
  • NYS Doll Eyes lengthening mascara

Tools Used:
  • Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge (Still loving this like no other. I really recommend it)
  • MAC 129 brush (I have so many blush and bronzer brushes, but really this is so versatile I use it so much)
  • MAC 182 brush
  • Bobbi Brown eye shader brush
  • MAC 217 brush for concealor and highlight

Step 1:
I prepped my face with moisturizer, and then applied Revlon Photoready with the damp Sonia Kashuk blending brush. I made sure to keep the foundation light because this look is summery and bronzey and therefore relegates all heavy looking make-up to our distant memories.

Step 2:
I applied MUFE Full Cover concealor near my tearducts and my under-eyes. I then blended it out with the MAC 217 brush into the foundation.

Step 3:
I set the foundation with powder.

Step 4:
I didn't want anything dramatic on the eyes so I dusted some NARS Casino bronzer on my eyelids to just above the crease with the Bobbi brown eye shader brush.

Step 5:
To add a subtle highlight, I brushed some MAC Ricepaper lightly on my browbone and into the crease with the MAC 217 brush (clean of course).

Step 6:
I lined my waterline with the Guerlain Kohl. I can do a tutorial on how to use this if you'd like.

Step 7:
I applied NYX Doll Eyes mascara to my top and bottom lashes as if people would otherwise take away my hidden stash of chocolate (just apply a lot of it and make sure it's not clumpy, I am battling a cupcake craving here).

Step 8:
With the MAC 129 brush, I applied the Physician's Formula Bronze Booster right under my cheekbone all the way to my temple. Iplaced the bronzer a bit lower because I wanted to give some definition to my cheekbones.

Step 9:
I applied Chanel Rose Bronze blush on the apples of my cheek with the MAC 129 brush and then blended it into the bronzer with the MAC 182 brush.

Step 10:
I mixed Estee Lauder High Gloss in Bronze and Chanel Sunset Gold glossimer on the back of my hand and applied it to my lips.

Great Make-up: Salma Hayek

First off, was there ever any doubt that Salma Hayek has great make-up? Second, I got a request for a breakdown on her gorgeous look. So without any witticisms, as I have none, here it is!

Recommended Products:

  • Chanel Teinte Innocence
  • Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
  • Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat (optional)
  • Make-up Forever Full Cover concealor
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • NYX Doll Eyes mascara
  • MAC Girlie eyeshadow 
  • MAC Wedge eyeshadow
  • MAC Carbon eyeshadow
  • MAC Brule eyeshadow
  • Anastasia brow pencil
  • Physician's Formula Bronze Booster in Medium to Dark
  • MAC Hug Me (If you can get your hands on Estee Lauder Vanilla Truffle lipstick, you should grasp it with all your strength. It is the a very accurate replica of Salma's lipstick)
  • Chanel Sunset Gold glossimer
Recommended Tools:
  • Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge/Mac 187 brush
  • MAC 242 brush for concealor
  • MAC 239 brush
  • MAC 219 brush
  • MAC 129 brush

After prepping your skin with moisturizer and under eyes with eye cream, stipple on Chanel Teinte Innocence and blend in to your skin. Apply in as sheer layers as possible so that you have more control.

Apply Make-up Forever Full Cover Concealor on problem areas such as your under eyes, sides of the nose, etc and blend using the MAC 242 brush.

Lightly dust Maybelline Dream Matte Powder to set your foundation and concealor.

Prep eyes for make-up with Too Faced Shadow Insurance. 

Brush your brows and enhance them with Anastasia Brow Pencil. Salma's eyebrows are lush, so to emulate start by gently enhancing the section of your brows nearest to the nose. As you get to the arch, put less pressure and colour on the brows.

Pat MAC Girlie to your lid with the MAC 239, stop when you reach the crease. With the MAC 217, blend the shadow to slightly above the crease.

Blend in MAC Wedge to the outer 'v' of your eyes. Don't pack on too much shadow as the shadow in the outer 'v' isn't very severe and is on the subtle side. Remember to blend it out slightly but don't blend it out too high into the brow bone.

Apply MAC Brule eyeshadow onto the brow bone and blend into the crease.

Rim the top lid with eyeliner by making a thin line and following the contours of your lid. Then, take the MAC 219 brush, dip it in MAC Carbon, and go over the liner on your top lid. Gently make the edges of your liner smudgey. Line your bottom lid as close to the lash line as possible.

Curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara to your top and bottom lashes.

Apply Physician's Formula Bronze Booster on the cheekbone.

Lips:Apply MAC Hug Me to the lips and top it off with Chanel Sunset Gold glossimer.