threading tutorial

I know I did one in the past with pictures but I think a video is so much easier for me to explain and for anyone to understand.


Ranjani said...

You look fabulous as always! Good to see you back with another tutorial hope you're taking some meds your throat sounds scratchy:( I'll never have the dexterity to thread but I do enjoy your videos. Love the lipstick/gloss you have on, what is it?

6:49 PM
Shuba said...

Thanks Anu! As a busy mom of three, I seldom find time to visit my "threading lady". After watching your tutorial a few times, I am proud to say that I have successfully removed 90% of the hair on my upper lip. I guess practice makes perfect and I will keep trying.. Thanks again..

7:53 PM
Anonymous said...

Very helpful! Please continue making videos! :)

9:13 PM
Anonymous said...

So I'm an 18 year old Indian girl (who lives in the US) and I have acne. for the most part, its not bad, I've got it under control and my forehead is slightly bumpy, but my tone is fairly even--i've got a little redness. But I can't get the bumps to go away. I WANT your skin. I just really want nice, smooth skin. I've tried every herbal remedy (haldi with basin and yoghurt [i turned yellow], carrot juice[ingesting it daily. i turned orange], honey [just made me rash]. none of them worked and finally tazorac worked for me, with some ocassional benzoyl peroxide thrown in. i have to use a heavy moisturizer because my skin gets so dry--its cerave. (i also use their cleanser) but is there anyway when i wear makeup to make it look like my skin is naturally beautiful? none of that weird bumpiness. also, what kind of foundation should I use? I use mac nc 42 right now. (nc 40 during the winters). the sheer coverage one. with skinfinish mineralize powder. is revlon colorstay any good? or bobbi brown? which looks the most natural? I'm after that natural youthful foundation. also, what kind of blush? I use iman's blush right now. but am willing to spend a little more if only i know what kind would look good on me. I ordered lorac perfectly lit and ysl touche eclat (which i've wanted for so long). but i want a good blush. I know you make lots of reccomendations. but that's the problem. you make SO many. I just want something that will bring out that glow in me. I don't wear makeup every day- I can't it would make me break out. even almay's tinted moisturizer makes me break out. do you have any reccs for a daily tint that won't? even bobbi brown's makes me rash on the spot. i have VERY sensitive skin. mostly because i destroyed it with chemicals going after a few pimples.

10:45 PM
Anonymous said...

Me again. 18 yr old. you also use a primer-- what kind/ company would you suggest? again, one that wouldn't break me out. and one that's fairly easy on my budget? (maybe 25 dollars and under?)

10:51 PM
Ki said...

I'm going to try this for sure - thanks anu :)

why not do a video on blush application as well?

3:06 AM
Divya said...

awesome! Didn't know that's how it worked. Have always gone to a salon (v rarely given the lack of time :( ) and never managed to figure out the technique. BTW, you are a very graceful person in person :) much like I'd imagined when I'd seen your picture tutorials. Keep going! yeah.. I'd like to see blush, eye makeup tutorials as well. And this time the lighting is great.

5:22 AM
priya said...

pls keep making videos! this settings are better than the first video,nice.
keep up the good work.

12:25 PM
Sati said...

Thanks Anu! I'm so happy to see you back, AND making video tutorials. I'd love to see some of those contouring & glowey/shimmery tricks if you could... and specify which products work best for brown skins... hopefully less expensive ones. I'd also like to know how to expand/remove darkness and definition (i.e. eyes too close & dark angles around my nose) than to add definition, if that makes sense.
Also, I couldn't see where you wrote your product & brushes lists on the last ones? I was scrambling to write down some of them.
And I'm sorry to hear of your sinus headaches! Please take a look at these accupressure points:
The point in the web btwn thumb & forefinger is pretty amazing - you can feel the blood drain from your face. Anyway, I hope they help :)

2:33 PM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anu, I recently discovered your blog. You have some great tips and good job on the video tutorials since these are your very first ones! I have a few comments/suggestions if you would like - please keep your eye contact with the computer camera so it feels like you are talking to whoever is watching the video. Secondly, if you could make a list of points that you want to cover in the tutorial you will stick to the points and wont feel like you are rambling.
Please keep the tutorials coming, they are very helpful and informative.

3:04 PM
Kavitha said...

Your 2nd tutorial is great! Thanks for posting and keep em coming! Also - I WANT YOUR HAIR! Any hairstyle tuts in the works?

3:52 PM
Anonymous said...

thank you so much for this was very helpful...hope you feel better...

7:38 PM
Anonymous said...

Anu, What is that lovely lipstick shade you're wearing?

9:42 AM
amelia said...

You did great!! Don't be shy!! I'm glad that you started doing them, as a fellow blogger, I know it's nerve wrecking to 'put yourself out there' like that, but you really did a great job! Keep them comming for us Indian girls!!


10:31 PM
Sew Inspired said...

You look similar to Kelly Lebrock (when she was young. Stunning.

10:17 AM
ravui~ said...

Hey, I'm 18years old, from Singapore, and my mum only recently allowed me to get threading done (for my eyebrows)and that only because my cousin, two years younger had it done. She flat out refused for the upper lips because well, they'll grow back (look weird) and i'll need to keep going to the salon often. I didn't even know that we could do threading ourselves, and this tutorial is super helpful!!! Now i can get rid of those nasty bits of hair on my upper lip :)

I think you're very beautiful and I'm really glad I stumbled upon this site (i was googling make up tips cos I'm new to everything-blame my traditional parents) and I love all your tutorials!!

11:11 AM
anks said...

you look so pretty...! and thanks for the tut... it helped.....

8:17 AM
Anonymous said...

Hi ANu, nice website.just want to know wherecan I buy the thread?arethese available in us stores? Thanks Deepthi

10:47 PM

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