Winter Work Make-up Part 1

Here are a few picks I had for jazzing up your work make-up in the winter.

Chanel Rouge CoCo in Venise

It's not a 'kapow' red, it's reddish which veers more towards the warm rose. The formula is very moisturizing and it feels extremely light on. It also doesn't have any shimmer. It's a lovely colour that warms up olive skintones and especially in the winter, chases sallowness away. It also adds quite a bit of glamour without being a full-on red. It's much less intimidating and easier to wear.

Zoya Sarah
This colour is my latest obsession. Zoya describes it as "pearls of dark fuchsia, red-violet and ruby tones in a bright sparkle finish." it's got some gorgeous sparkles in the polish which add just the right amount of adventurousness to work attire and bring on a bit of glamour for days when your job is anything but glamorous.

MAC Greensmoke
Not too adventurous here, but this is one of my staples during the winter. I can make my lids slightly smoky using this and smudging a black liner, add an unexpected contour to my lids, or anything else that springs to mind. This beautiful shimmery, muddy, mossy green colour adds a bit of oomph for when you get to work and are waiting for your fingers to defrost.

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Ki said...

Definitely checking greensmoke out on my next trip to MAC. Can I request an EOTD though? Haven't seen one in a while :D

2:56 AM
Amee said...

I will be going for Chanel Rouge CoCo in Venise and MAC Greensmoke..

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9:50 PM
Lulu1974 said...

The Greensmoke shadow is amazing on my Indian C6 skin. I would have never even given it a second glance were it not for your review. Thank you, Anu!

2:15 PM
jassica said...

Zoya sarah looks amazing.

5:44 AM
fieran said...

I have had Greensmoke for ages now - but I never know what to use it with. I should probably give it more love :) Thanks for mentioning it.

1:06 AM
maymay said...

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