Maybelline Lash Stiletto: Pretty Good for Natural Looking Lashes

I am a self-confessed drama queen when it comes to my mascara. If you can't tell I'm wearing it and if it doesn't look like Bambi needed a few strips of false lashes to achieve my lashes, then a mascara usually isn't for me. By some weird twist of fate, or maybe, like in Jerry McGuire, I had some bad pizza and had some life-changing realizations(we will never know), I decided to try Maybelline's Lash Stiletto because I wanted length, without much drama (I feel fine typing this, in case you were wondering).

Much to my surprise, Lash Stiletto is a lovely mascara. It gives great definition and decent length and without the volume the finished look is very sophisticated and natural. The brush itself is skinny and lets me get all the hairs from the inner corner to the outer edge and coats my lashes evenly. My lashes don't look a mile long, but they do look lovely.

As a self-confessed anti-smell-in-my-make-up-nazi, I actually learned to embrace the lovely rose scent of the mascara. It's subtle, doesn't reek, and makes the product feel more luxe. (As I type this, I vow never again to have pizza late at night again. I can't stand the shift in character)

I also really liked the wear of the mascara. it didn't flake or smear but was easy to take off and it felt pretty gentle on my lashes too. I reach for this mascara on days when I want to look very subtly made up, and in its category s, this mascara is a winner.


S said...

Hi Anu,
I just found your blog while I was researching on makeup for Indian skin. Your website is very informative and helpful. I would love to get a response from you regarding my personal makeup queries. I just turned 30 and don't wear makeup everyday but would love to. I have a problem of my green veins showing under my skin on face (around eye area and mouth area). Could you please advice me the best foundation and concealer for this issue. I have significant under eye dark circles and none of the concealers I have tried so far offer good cover up. Obviously I am not able to pick the right shade. Even when I visit the makeup counters at stores and bring home a foundation that they suggest works, it turns out making my face look green and grey! I know you prefer MAC foundation but how do I know what color matches my skin without making it look like Halloween makeup?
I would say I have a combination skin with the T-zone being oily and a slight shade of pink/red than the rest of the face and neck. I have a lot of facial hair that I try to bleach but recently the upper lip area has started to look green and the hair in that area takes longer to bleach.
I would really appreciate your feedback. PLEASE help Anu!

11:03 PM
Anonymous said...

hi anu :
Believe it or not, my eyelashes have split ends!! D:
i asked my optometris to take a look via a magnifying thing and she said they were split ended! Do you know of any way to get rid of them and help them grow back??

1:01 AM
Runjhun said...
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Runjhun said...

OMG OMG OMG. Can you PLEASE do a makeup tutorial of Kareena Kapoor's look in Kurbaan. When I saw her, I was like OH WOW. (this was ages ago) but I want makeup like that...

8:44 PM
Runjhun said...

btw, I love your blog :) I'm an Indian-born American-raised girl in the US (I'm 18 and currently attending university). and I love love love makeup [because of the repression of not having my mom let me wear it. which I'm glad of, because I don't need it everyday, and I don't need it to be confident. but I AM obsessed with it.] I know you tout the greatness of Bobbi Brown foundation. Is it really the best? I'm a mac nc42/mac nc45 (summers), but it breaks me out, so I want something new. I ordered samples of Alima because of your blog though! I hope it works for me. Its taking forever to get in... I'm procrastinating studying for exams with your blog right now. haha. any advice on that?

8:48 PM
Kaylah said...

I love this... you want to check out my blog on another type of Mascara? =) Thanks!!

9:45 AM
Murano Glass said...

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