Fell in Love with Her Make-up: Sonakshi Sinha

Someone sent me a request on her make-up and I will do one soon. However, I was watching Dabangg the other day (please no judging), and it occurred to me what a delightfully pretty girl the heroine in the movie was. Some sleuthing later I found out her name was Sonakshi Sinha and she has lovely make-up.

And for all you blush lovers, here's a rec for the blush she's wearing in the pic above: dust Chanel Fandango blush on the apple of the cheek and sweep all the way to the temple.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I love her makeup!!! and yes I watched the movie too..

6:13 AM
nancy said...

I like Sonakshi. I like the film also. In this film Sonakshi looked really so nice. I love her get up and make up.

12:04 AM
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WorkingGirlsShoeCloset said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG! Great post! I've become your latest follower and SO excited to see more of your wonderful make up finds!

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3:42 PM
getafix said...

lol! omg it's a small world. so i think i went on a date with your husband once :o)

7:04 PM
Namita said...

awesome tutorials here...i love the katrina kaif one, anu! however, i do have a request. there's this incredible tamil movie called vinnaithaandi varuvaayaa starring trisha in a very fresh, new and attractive look. could you please do a tutorial on her makeup? it's quite simple, so it'd take you only a few minutes to make a tutorial. thank you, and keep posting! you're amazing!

8:24 AM

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