Request: Katrina Kaif Make-up Part 1

I redid it because i couldnt bear to post the other one. I will post part 2 soon. Please be kind and sorry for the mumbling and voice. I think i got rid of all the coughs and sneezes but I'm not too sure. 


Anonymous said...

yay Annu! There's finaly a person to meet behind this great blog! the video definately helps in learning application techniques.

7:37 PM
Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I am stay home brown mom with my hubby traveling all over the country, and every night I check in to your blog. This one and smitten kitchen. It chills me out, and I learn so much!
The videos are key to the rest of the blog so thanks for your time and effort. You look beautiful!
One suggestion? I would love a close up. I can see how you put make up on, but I would like to be able to see what it looks like once its on.
Again, thanks a million. I have bought many things based on your recs and always do a search before purchasing anything new.

8:23 PM
Maddy said...

Good one Anu...but please as Anon suggested, close up would be fantastic. I generally love the way you do your look. So would like to have a close up video with all techniques

12:48 AM
Anonymous said...

It's so nice to see your video tutorial. Please do more!!!

5:06 AM
Ki said...

very well done :)

7:09 AM
SG said...

Lady, you are lovely! You actually look like you don't need make-up!

8:38 AM
cruxweb said...

Katrina Kaif is beautiful

12:32 PM
Caramel Petals said...

Yaaaaaay Anu..Well done on your first video..I loved it and its nice to see the lady behind the amazing blog. Please continue doing more videos. Btw you are beautiful.

Could I give you a feedback if thats ok? Can we have a bit of a close-up in the video to have a closer look at the colours and the final look please.

1:27 AM
Anonymous said...

Help!I can see this video!

1:57 AM
Anonymous said...

I can't!!

2:01 AM
Anonymous said...

Woohoo, video tutorials! You did a great job (I would also vote for close-ups though :) ), and can't wait to see more! By the way, I think you are just beautiful. :)

11:40 PM
Anonymous said...

Anu, great video..would like to see more and especially closeups. You are so beautiful!

1:40 PM
Anonymous said...

Any, Could you please list out the products and brushes used in the video like you do in the posts. Thanks for the video again. I loved it.

1:46 PM
Anna-laxmi said...

Great video Anu. Looking forward to seeing more :)

2:06 PM
Anonymous said...

so beautiful!!

12:05 PM
Anonymous said...

Hey Anu! When will you girls/women stop your deceptions with make-up, to hide your zits and bad skin; push-up bras to hide your saggy tits, & corsets to squeeze all that fat that any experienced man knows, you hags log around? For the love of god, stop the manipulation and deception! Men are tired of this shit! Tired of waking up in the morning and finding out that the "pretty girl" we picked up at the club, gives the neighbor's bulldog a run for his money in the looks department!

Oh! And if you (Anu) really are number 10 in some bogus list of the top 50 most beautiful women in the world (as I read somewhere), then why the hell do you need make-up in the first place? Women who ARE NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL DO NOT NEED ANY makeup! And why aren't you making zillions of Euros as a top fashion model in Paris, New York and Milan, if you really are as "beautiful" as they claim? Why struggle in Washington, DC as some administrative assistant in a non-profit organization, when you could be raking in all that money and having the "glamorous life" which you so desperately CRAVE? Have the people who prepared that list taken a good look at your Moose lips, your anus-looking mouth, your very long nose; not to speak anything of your Dumbo the Elephant ears? Gimme a freakin break! You're just some "wannabe" Indian chick from Chenai, whose hustling-immigrant parents dragged to Holland for a better life; yet here you're on the net, masquerading as an Indian-American make-up diva, along with your affected (read: phony!)American accent. Give us a freaking break; phony baloney! Some of us know who you really are!

9:53 AM
Anonymous said...

@ the 9:53 post:SHUT UP. If you don't like her or the site, keep it MOVING.

10:39 AM
Anonymous said...

@anon 9:53, you got issues dude/dudette. Also, you sound like someone that might be posing as a real life friend to Anu. So uncool. It is very easy to be unkind behind the blanket of anonimity and very difficult to put yourself up on the internet for the whole world to watch and judge you.

Don't pay attention to the comment Anu, we are ready for your next video.


12:00 PM
Anonymous said...

Hey anu
gr8 work!!! Keep the blogs and videos coming...

@ 9.53 poster: I can see you read this blog, watch her videos and google enough about her... It smacks of obsession/stalking. you need help.

9:43 PM
Anonymous said...

Anu, please ignore that horrid, worthless, waste-of-skin hater, who is cowardly using the internet and you as a platform for his/her tragic jealously and uselessness.

Your blog is great.I appreciate all the tips you give, and I too love make-up!! Not because is hides my zits, but because I love creating different looks for myself, be it 1950s glam, Old Bollywood Beauty, Goth, ethereal, hippie, whatever. It is artistic, dramatic and fun. Also, you are beautiful, and it is very generous of you to give your time to those of us who would like to learn how to use make-up but can't afford lessons at the MAC counter. Your accent is great, you sound like me, Indo-Canadian.

As for the loser who wakes up with hags, you're probably disappointed because their personalities suck: anyone who would go home with you is fool. The love of beauty is human, hence art, dance, music. What you are decrying (and what you suffer from) is vanity and attendant jealousy. Eat shit and die.

12:19 PM
Anonymous said...

Anu - Keep up the good work. I just read all your comments and it just baffles me that there are fools like the one who commented wrong and unclassy things on your blog are still existing. Its a waste of gene pool and we all know this because we see you helping a lot of people without any monetary intentions.

It takes a big heart to work for non-profit institutions and then spend your free time on this free blog helping people.

I hope all other users agree with me in support to delete that useless comment, but guess you have kept it there intentionally. Please delete it. I wish I had half the heart and sense you have.

5:45 AM
browngrrrl said...

Anu-Browngirl here, from Browngirl's Beauty Blog. First off, I am very sorry that it seems I stole your pic! I found it off of googleimages, and must not have noticed that it was linked from your blog. I'm terribly sorry.

But beyond that, your blog does an excellent job of offering step by step tutorials. I dont know who that commenter was above, but she has obviously made herself look like the jerk. I say, keep the post up. It actually makes you, your blog, and your readers, look like the mature ones :)

9:07 AM
Anonymous said...

I love your blog so much! You are so wonderful to share your excellent knowledge and artistic ability with all of the brown skinned girls who want to learn! It's hard to find tips that work for us! Plus, if or when you do it's rarely more than a mere two sentence ethnic after-thought. Your video tutorial was wonderful, and I really look forward to seeing more! You are beautiful, and kind-hearted, and you do a great service to all of your readers every time you post! I really appreciate your work & I am appalled by the comment left by that hateful and jealous loser that posted 9:53 am! How can someone carry around such hatefulness in their heart? My only guess is they must be extremely jealous of such a beautiful, respected, and helpful girl. What a sad existence one must have to wake up and so early in their day with jealous, obsessive thoughts. It's a pity, really. Anyone with eyes can see that you're beautiful with or without makeup, and using makeup doesn't make you deceitful in the least. That's just pure ignorance. Please keep up the wonderful work!!! You really are very talented and kind to share your knowledge with everyone who seeks it. :)

5:35 PM

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