Katrina Kaif Make-up Part 2

Will be sure to sit closer next time. Please let me know how I can improve :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Anu, Great video and I'm a recent convert to your blog! Thanks so much for all your recommendations. I recently went to the trouble of having the Lorac highlighter shipped to the UK from the US thanks to a friend and I love it! Please don't be nervous doing the videos - you don't need to be! You are doing a sterling job. Keep it up!

8:41 AM
Ranjani said...

Hey Anu, love the videos, you're a complete natural-way to go!
The only suggestion I'd have is to have the light a tad brighter so we'd have a better view of you.

3:55 AM
చేతన_Chetana said...

Hey anu, wonderful video and you look great! Like everybody suggested, a more close-up video and also if you could show the katrina kaif pic, which you are basing your look on, at the start of the video, and your pic with makeup along with Kat pic at the end of video would be awesome. Thanks for video again! Looking forward for more.

12:40 PM
Anonymous said...

Anu, You are absolutely gorgeous and a complete natural! :) Thanks for the putting the videos up my dear keep up the good work.

As the others have said a close up would be great, also if you could tell the viewers what brushes and products you are using? Maybe put a list of all products used at the beginning?


7:04 AM
Divya said...

Thanks for putting the video up finally... loved to see the techniques, of course would be nicer if we could get to see the colours more clearly, but I guess that's got more to do with the lighting and stuff than presentation. U were great..keep it up!

7:23 PM
Anonymous said...

We Americans tend to have a center of the universe attitude, so I always assumed you were American. I had no idea you weren't (unless you are and were just raised elsewhere). And I'm jealous of your accent.

The only comment I'd make about the video is have some confidence! Remember, you're the big knowledgeable expert teaching all of us lowly unenlightened ones. Don't be nervous.

7:45 PM
Anonymous said...

pretty pretty pretty :)... loved the video and you dint seem nervous at all... good job!!!!

1:29 PM
Anonymous said...

AMAZING. Defly show the pic of the actress/whomever you are trying to base your look on.That'll make a big diff..I am sure you'll do great..please please continue doing videos.:)

4:40 PM
Anonymous said...

Why a beautiful woman would want to look like an ugly one boggles my mind, but suffice it to say: the makeup looks better on you than it does on Katrina.

On another note: why is Ms. Kaif considered by Indians to be 'gorgeous'? In my opinion, she can't compare to Nandita Das, Madhuri Dixit or Freida Pinto, yet Indians rave about her beauty as if she's a paragon of loveliness; is it because she's comparatively fair-skinned?

5:01 PM
Anonymous said...

Great job on the video... perfectly done and entertaining to watch. The only draw back was that it was far off. Pls do zoom the camera closer esp when you do eye makeup (of the eye alone).

9:33 PM
Anonymous Soul said...

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6:32 AM
Anonymous said...

Don't be nervous! The nerves made me cringe a little because I was like "Oh, this poor girl." But your instructions were great, so if you had more confidence, I probably would have been like "She was probably the popular girl in high school."

I didn't know who Katrina Kaif was until I saw the post at 5:01 and I Googled her. I completely agree. She's not a great beauty at all. Not trying to be harsh because, hey, am I much prettier? but she's not gorgeous. She looks like an Indian version of the blonde woman on The Real Housewives of Atlanta who wears wigs. I agree that it's probably because of her light skin. You know how desperately we Indians want to be white.

8:21 PM
Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 8:21:
Get out! I thought I was the only one who noticed the Katrina Kaif/Kim Zolchak connection! It's like they were separated at birth (but then, they've both had so much plastic surgery that perhaps they simply share a cosmetic surgeon?).

As for the coloring: I'm 100% South Asian, have naturally light skin (NC 25-27), and still scratch my head when I see Kareena Kapoor or Katrina Kaif lauded for their looks. In the West, these women would not be considered great beauties (the way, say, Freida Pinto is) and instead of Anu copying their makeup looks, it really should be the other way around.

2:54 PM
Anonymous said...

It's exciting to see u posting videos. I've learned so much from ur blog (and spent way too much money =)). Other than better lighting and using the zoom options so that we can see the applications/techniques better I think u are doing great (if not doing so already, list all the products/brushes used).

7:11 PM
Anonymous said...

Great job! the videos are definetely helpful. I've been reading some of your descriptions,and they felt a little intimidating. Seeing you in action makes it seem a little easier. I agree with the others' comments about zooming in a little more. Also, if you can, please post the picture of Katrina. One other suggestion I have is along with the video, if you have the product list written out, that would be helpful. You mention them but it's hard to make out what they are. Thanks again for doing this!

7:35 PM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anu
Good job on the first video. As others suggested please post products. Also, I am still not sure which picture of Kaif you are replicating. Post link to that please.

2:44 PM
Kavitha said...

Hi Anu,
Urs is THE BEST website for makeup info for Indian skin tones - so please remember there are tons of folks like me looking @ u as the expert :)
That being said, I would have a white / light background, better lighting and maybe some music / graphics to keep video upbeat and exciting in sections where it may seem a bit long? And defi include list of products, sample look.

Re ur content in general - would it be possible to include more hair related posts? U have gorgeous hair and I have coarse South Indian hair that I either wear as curls or fairly straight. What is your hair routine and products? Have seen a few posts but no how-tos or start-to-end entries. Would LOVE that from you!!

Thanks for all your great work and the time and effort you put into your blog!


6:33 PM
Dipika said...

This blog is wonderful! And you are gorgeous!!!
I have a query. I tend to have trouble picking up a foundation or concealer. I have two different tones going on..on my face. This darker shade around my chin and mouth and a lighter tone everywhere else. What can i use to even it all out? Do i go darker or lighter? Also, i'm a student, so please be kind suggesting something less expensive. :D

8:58 PM
Anonymous said...

Fab for a first video - keep posting more of them. By the way you do look lovely:)
Give us tutorials on - Your skin routine, your foundation routine and a basic makeup for starters maybe! I probably need to come over to you for a makeover!!!
And do list down all the products used - it would help immensely!

4:40 AM
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