Video Editing Software Help!

I am trying to upload a video tutorial but for the life of me can't seem to get a few parts here and there cut out (trust me it's nonsense). I tried windows movie maker (it hates me) but the sound and image seem to lag but they're fine on other software. is there anything you ladies can recommend?


priya said...

sorry,i am of no help! but im so glad you are planning a video tutorial!

7:46 PM
Preets said...

maybe make sure you have all your software updates done! Mac computers are also great for making videos too. I recently purchased a FLIP hd camera, its small and cute and comes with great software to edit and easily post videos online.

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Let me know how you like it!

10:05 PM
Anonymous said...

Hi, i use Imovie. It's very simple. But for windows you have windows movie maker, avid free dv, or Pinnacle Studio 9. Hope it helps.

2:31 AM
Anonymous said...

imovie all the way! But it only works on mac. Camtasia is good too, and i think that works on Windows. Flip hd camera's built in software is awesome as well.

10:54 AM
lynette said...

imovie works great if you have a mac. Nero multimedia suite works really well. You should give that a shot.

8:50 AM
Anu said...

thanks ladies! i will give all yoru suggestions a shot. i got the flip ultra hd camera but i cant edit out a few things in the middle of the video for the life of me. and the lag is painful. or maybe thats just computer issues. anyways, i hope this weekend i can fix it properly and put a video up finally.

9:42 PM

Anonymous said...

Definately look into a mac - worth every cent! imovie is waaaay easier to use than windows movie maker. See if you can borrow a friends - you'll never go back to a pc ever!

2:55 AM

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