Lipstick Tip: Getting Soft, Natural Looking Lipstick

I think one of the things I love most, is the no-make-up look. It's hard to achieve because you need to strike just the right balance. One of my worst qualities is that I love, obsessively adore, and am a smidgen obsessed with lipstick. It's hard to stop overdoing the lipstick, especially when you want to stain your lips.

If like me, you have two toned lips and find lipstains almost impossible (scratch that, completely impossible) to work with as it makes the difference in the tones so much more noticeable, do not fear. To get a natural looking stain, you know the kind where it's guesswork on whether someone really does have on lipstick or not, I like to apply lipstick with an eyeshadow brush. I have a few eyeshadow brushes set away for this purpose. I love the effect I can achieve with this approach.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I am going to try this tonight!

11:55 AM
Amee said...

Awww!! heard for the first time... thansk for the tip honey will surely try and let u know my exp...

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10:06 PM
Coupon Codes said...

Really nice tip Anu
Thanx for sharing ;-)

12:14 AM
Anonymous said...

u have really beutiful lips.I have a really dark lips (infact black) and my skin color is a shade lighter than urs.Can u suggest any lip balm and how to care for the lips to avoid further darkening..Please

Thank u

6:23 AM
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