Steal of the Week: Sonam Kapoor's Eyeshadow in Aisha

I was watching Aisha the other day (I love chick flicks, Jane Austen, and other girly things. No matter how insipid or disappointing the acting, I watched the movie to the end for the make-up alone), and fell in love with the eye make-up in this look. Here's a quick how-to on the eyes:

Make a thick line with a black pencil liner on your top lid, covering around 1/2 of the lid, and smudge outward into the crease. Pat on MAC Plumage eyeshadow and bring it up to the crease, basically going over the blended out pencil liner. Then, with a crease brush, blend MAC Handwritten into the crease and extend it slightly above the crease. With a pencil brush, smudge handwritten on your lower lash line. For this look, it doesn't look like there's much liner, so skip that and add lots of volumizing mascara.

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bollywoodstylediaries said...

new to ur bog - love, love, love it!!!

would it be possible for you to do a youtube tutorial on this? I too fell in love with this look and it would be perfect for fall/winter months...

9:45 PM
Manik said...

Hi.. and what is that lip color she is the effect. Do you know how to get that on a skin color similar to her or a shade darker?

7:29 AM
Ashura said...

I am also wondering what kind of lip colour that is. I still haven't found my Holy Grail lipstick, it's *really* hard to a nice one for me.

6:21 AM
Xj Cheng said...

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