Illasmasqua Satin Primer: (Almost) Making my Skin Drier with Envy

I wish envy wouldn't make you green but your skin just a bit drier so you could use a product. As you may have gathered from my laments, my face produces enough oil to make OPEC feel insecure. I cannot for the life of me use things meant for dry skins. However, when I use Illamasqua Satin Primer on people with dry skin, it really gives a luminous satin glow (not to be confused with the glow one gets when one can drench blotting papers with excess oils).

The Satin Primer comes in a small, oddly shaped tube and I'm fairly certain that it is on the more expensive side if you see the cost per gram. The texture is fairly thin and applies more like a day cream. I am completely against strong scents in my make-up but the scent int he primer is subtle, pleasant, non-offensive, and, most importantly, evaporates quickly. 

The remarkable thing I like about this primer, is that it truly gives a satin finish. No particles of glitter or shimmer that can be detected. Just a dewy glow. On its own, I've found that over a few hours it can look shiny. However, under foundation, it really excels. I always reach for this primer when I was to create a dewy finish and have the make-up last its longest. I find that it really puts up a valiant effort in keeping make-up stay in place.  

One of the things that people also report to me on this primer is that it doesn't dry out their already dry skin and feels very gently going on. It also doesn't feel thick, cakey, or oily and doesn't make make-up look like that either when worn over it. All in all, I think this is an amazing product. I only wish I could use it on myself, because alas it doesn't give my extremely oily skin the same effect. But for the dry skinned, it's pretty hard to beat.   

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anu, great blog! So many handy tips!
I'm finding there is definitely a deficit in makeup brands that cater to darker skins (foundations, concealors, etc). It would really be a huge help if you could provide a list of:-
1) what the good brands are to look out for darker skin tones (both high, middle and low end in terms of price)
2) rough colour translations ie what an NC40 would be if you were to buy stila or bobbi brown or x/y/z brand
3) which finishing/translucent powders might work with a particular skin tone - so many of them leave that ashy look!
I dont know any of this would actually be workable but would be really really handy to know! Thanks so much!

1:31 AM
Ki said...

Do you get inglot where you live? Their undermakeup base is famed for working with oilier skins. I'll let you know how I find it. :)

11:06 PM
crazyformakeup said...

hey Anu,
i have very oily skin.. so will this primer suit my skin???
my last blog: Revlon's Creme Gloss

12:02 AM
Michelle Xo said...

I have nothing to say about the product in this post but I do have something to say about your blog! It has been a long long time since I thoroughly enjoyed reading what a blogger (or anyone else for that matter) had to say. I follow quite a few blogs and I am always looking for new ones, but mainly for the products, reviews and pictures. I gave up on finding an interesting, witty blog that was also a trustworthy beauty/fashion source but I have finally found it. Not only are you spot on with your descriptions and breakdowns, but your dry sense of humor is outrageously funny to me and reminds me of the remarks I myself would make! When I scrolled down to 'follow' you I was expecting thousands of cult followers and gasped at a mere 200-something. Keep at it, because I am sure you are going to explode into the blogging world once everyone gets a taste of you. You have a new follower in me, that is for sure.


11:54 AM
mineral makeup brushes said...

I could really use a product like this for my skin. Great reviews!

9:22 AM
Sew Inspired said...

Great review!

4:29 PM
Anonymous said...

Please upload the videos soon! I have been literally stalking your blog!

8:35 AM
Anonymous said...

where are you??!!

3:10 PM
Ki said...

Hey I think someone has a picture from your blog up on theirs -

9:32 AM
Anu said...

hey anonymous:
I think all brands have something us darker skinned ladies could use, but i LOVE make-up forever, chanel, nyx, revlon, nars, and yes some mac too. especially mufe and nars are my absolute favourites.

as for the stila,bobbi match, i'd REALLY recommend going in person to look becaue I find MAC shades a bit weird since the amount of yellow in the foundations can be overwhelming and makes it really hard to gauge colour in different brands.

as for the finishing powders, i love chanel's poudre douce because i love the finish, look, etc. it's translucent and radiant without being overhwelming. shiseido also has a GREAT one which used to be my holy grail before chanel: shiseido the make-up luminizing colour powder. it is just lovely.

ki: as fate would have it i dont :(. im doomed to be doomed. i will keep a lookout.

crazyformakeup: i'd really use it for dry to combination skintypes.

hey anonymous: i have a video but the lighting is pretty bad. im learning it's not so easy to do but i hope ill have one out soon by this weekend.

ki: thanks for letting me know.

9:18 PM

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