Brown Girl's Guide to Nude

I always love the look of very natural, almost barely there make-up. You know, the kind where you'd swear someone's wearing only a bit of kajal but a whole bunch of work went into it.

Make-up used:

  • Make-up For Ever HD foundation in 153, patted on sheerly
  • Revlon Photoready powder in translucent
  • Chanel Correcteur Perfection in Beige Santal 
  • Maybelline Lash Stiletto
  • MAC Mulch
  • MAC Handwritten
  • Bobbi Brown Espresso ink gel
  • MAC Blunt under cheekbones, sides of nose etc.
  • MAC Peachtwist under cheekbones
  • Bobbi Brown Twilight creamy lip colour
Tools used:

  • MAC 190 brush
  • MAC 109 brush
  • MAC 222 brush
  • MAC 224 brush
  • MAC 219 brush
  • MAC 214 brush
  • Sephora lip brush
Step 1:
Apply Make-up Forever HD foundation lightly over the face with the 192 brush. I patted it on slightly and blended it in to get a very thin, natural finish.

Step 2:
Apply the Beige Santal concealor under the eyes, around the lips, and any other places you find necessary. Blend out with the 224 brush, and be sure to make the concealor look as natural and non-cakey as possible.

Step 3:
Dust the Revlon Photoready powder very lightly with the 109 brush and blend it into the skin in a circling motion. I tend to focus the powder more on the t-zone and see if it's even needed on the cheeks.

Step 4:
Brush brows into shape and fill them in as needed. Keep it according to your natural brow shape and thickness.

Step 5:
With the 222 brush, apply Mulch eyeshadow on the crease and blend out, esecially towards the outer end of your brow.

Step 6:
With the 219 brush, gently accentuate the outer 'v' of your crease with the Handwritten eyeshadow. Make sure to blend it as much as possible while still giving the sweep from the outer coner of the eye to the outer end of your brow bone. It is meant to elongate the eye and make it look more feline by playing with shadow.

Step 7:
With an angled eyeliner brush, dot the Espresso Ink gel liner on the upper lash line.

Step 8:
Apply one coat of a lengthening mascara such as Lash Stiletto on upper and lower lash line. Concentrate the mascara ore on the outer lashes.

Step 9:
Contour right under your cheekbone toward your hairline with the 109 brush dipped in Blunt. Blend out with the same brush.

Step 10:
Give the contour a bit more colour by going over the contour, that means blended out from under the cheekbone, with Peachtwist.

Step 11:
Fill lips in with the Twilight lipstick with a lip brush. I added a bit more colour on the lips just because I wanted slightly more definition, but feel free to make the lipstick almost like a stain.


Kizzy said...

Is that you? Gorgeous!

7:30 AM
Anonymous said...

love the make up!!

6:59 PM
Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous! And I really like those earrings.

4:34 AM
Anonymous said...

you are seriously one of the most beautiful people ive seen!! do your thang girl!

1:16 PM
Ami said...

This is awesome!

12:20 PM
Miss Scarlett said...

I have just spent the past 2 hours neglecting my 2 girls, as I have been reading 2 and a half years worth of your previous posts.

You are my new favourite make up guru.

1:04 PM
Anonymous said...

This is probably my all time fav look that you posted. Love the look with the black outfit!

11:47 AM
salwar kameez said...

Excellent tips. Thanks to share it.

11:30 PM
Ere said...

Thank you for sharing this useful tips.This is awesome blog. Doing very excellent work.

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4:32 AM
Mila said...

I have been trying to do the nude look for so long, but none of the "artists" at the stores can get it just right... thank you so much for the step by step help and information on products.

10:39 AM
Anonymous said...


6:38 AM
Amee said...

You looking very pretty.. :)

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12:22 AM
Kyra said...

Gorgeous! This is exactly the kind of make up I love. It suits you very well.

I think I'll try Peachtwist :-)

2:08 AM
Manik said...

oh thanks so much! was looking for ways to do this nude look!! i think my coloring is close to yours... but if you look at Bipasha's photos (google search) when she models in paris...what is that pinky nude lipstick she is we wearing with the black glittery dress? its on Would appreciate an answer... just cant find the right shade of nude lipstic for me

7:18 AM
bubbles8603 said...

Do you think you could post a tutorial video for this look? It's amazing!

10:01 PM
Anonymous said...

Hey Anu,

Can you please do a video tutorial on this look? I love it!


11:17 AM

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