LORAC Perfectly Lit Oil-Free Luminizing Powder Renders All Other Highlighters Irrelevant

It's not often that I rave about a product like this. I have a deep, somewhat unhealthily obsessive, love for highlighters. I love the lit-from-within, I-swallowed-a-lightbulb glow. I think, if I were to diagnose my make-up psychology further, that I have a mild form of separation anxiety when it comes to highlighters. There's that much love (I'm lucky highlighters can't file some kind of police report or restraining order). So now, to claim that LORAC's Perfectly Lit Oil-Free Luminizing Powder makes every other highlighter of mine obsolete is might sound like delusion but mostly truth.

The Perfectly Lit Oil-Free Luminizing Powder comes in a round compact, the size of my press powders, and you get a very generous amount for the price. Since I'm an nc45, I use the shade Radiant, which is a golden brown with a touch of champagne. It looks like a face powder in the pan and doesn't look exceptional until you put it on. I use a Smashbox fax brush to lightly dust the powder over the top of my cheekbones, browbone, bridge of my nose, and cupid's bow. And the result beats every other highlighter I've ever tried, without a single ashy or artificial tone to it.

There's nothing artificial or even remotely powdery about the finish. The effect is not just as if it's a gentle candle-lit glow on your face, but it also looks like someone was magically able to photoshop the candlelight to perfection to flatter you even more. It makes my blush, bronzer, or bare face look impeccable.

The applicator it comes with, a round sponge, is completely useless and I really recommend using a fan brush to pick up and deposit just the right amount. There are no harsh shimmer particles and there's no over the top shimmer, just the perfect incandescent, youthful glow that has made all my other highlighters fall off my radar. Truly, if you could get one highlighter, skip the rest and get this one.

image source www.sephora.com


Anonymous said...

hey there! i'm a long time reader and remember you singing the praises of NARS albatross once upon a time. so i'm wondering, how does this compare? does it really beat even albatross?! =)

11:02 PM
Anonymous said...

if i'm a nc42 what shade should i use?

12:56 AM
Join the Gossip said...

Sounds awesome! I love shimmer and this sounds like the perfect amount =)

12:34 AM
Ki said...

Sigh - if only india had this! :(

9:30 PM
sarees said...

Excellent product. Thanks to share. i am sure this product will help so many people..

6:13 AM
Anonymous said...

please put up a photo! i'd love to see what it looks like when it's on

1:58 AM
Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Just saw you randomly on the Hill's list of 50 Most Beautiful People! I saw the list and said, Hey! I know her! I've been reading her blog for years! :) Congratulations :)!

6:21 AM
Diana said...

Congratulations on being named 50 Most Beautiful People [working] on Capitol Hill!!!!!! I love your blog!!!

11:44 AM
rmcandlelight said...

Congrats! New follower: Love your blog.


2:10 PM
Ere said...
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Ere said...

Wow! This is fantastic product. i love to use this product.
Thank you for sharing..
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9:29 PM
Mehak said...

I want this too...** bangs head against wall of lack of products in India***


8:23 AM
nancy said...

Wow! Very nice product. I am sure this product will help so many people. I'll also try this.
Thanks for sharing the information.

9:27 PM
Anonymous said...

Can you please compare the LORAC highlighter to NARS albatross? I'm debating on which one to buy and I value your opinion. Thanks!

11:30 PM
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Anonymous said...

hi, i got this thanks in part to ur rec which i read like, a yr back...
been using it for months.. i have it in spotlight.. i like it better than my Dior Amber Diamond.. so pretty... thanks again.

1:49 PM

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