Will update tomorrow. Am back from Work, Vacation, and Moving

The past month and a half was so hectic for me. We moved, which meant I had to haul my significant amount of make-up to my new place, set it up, etc. And then I was working really late because a project was due. And then finall


Lavanya said...

Hi ...I am new to this blog and i instantly fell in love with this ..great work of art..i almost have the same skin color as yours can you please give the details(shades) of the Face powder and Foundation that suits you, it is quite tough to get them here...tried a lot did not work. Please help ..thanks

11:56 AM
Sajini (singapore) said...

Eagerly awaiting your makeup posts!! Quick!!

2:37 AM
Anonymous said...

Please post up soon! Its been aaaaages!!!

9:27 AM

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