Lush Cosmetic Warrior: The Next Best Thing to my Grandma's Facial Concoctions

My grandmother has this recipe where she dries various flowers and amla, mills them with a specific type of turmeric, sandalwood, and various dals. I mix it with cream and then apply it to my face. I'm not sure what the recipe is but I tried my best to get 3 kgs when I was in India. Alas, I had no time and I couldn't bring it. On top of that, my skin had decided to turn on me in the worst possible way: cystic acne and blackheads that appeared to have sucked in all the dirt in Chennai into my pores. Enter Cosmetic Warrior.

In the past week, the gunk that I drew out of my pores has rivalled the BP oil spill. However, my oily mess was easier to clean up with scrubs, creams, and Lush's Cosmetic Warrior. I will warn you, that Lush's face masks aren't the most aromatically pleasing, but I'm the girl who grew up rubbing garlic on her skin to calm down zits (and yes, I was immensely popular). This face mask might make you just as popular and just as happy with the results because it also contains fresh garlic, among other ingredients.

Garlic is a great acne fighter and the other ingredients int he mask work well together to calm down zits and make your skin soft. I keep the mask on as long as I can keep my gag relfexes under control. The moment I wash it off, I am left with super soft, glowy skin. The forming zits that were bent on populating my face also fade down considerably. In fact, this mask helped me bring my skin back to normalcy after my India trip. Well worth sacrificing my sense of smell for.


indian kameez said...

Excellent product..

4:38 AM
JB said...

Hiya! So glad you are back. I'd love to see a Guerlain loose kohl tutorial in the future :) Hope you had a great weekend!

9:41 PM
Hrithikslock said...

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1:16 AM
Tanya said...

Witty post....I def want to try this product now! I wish I had your grandma's face mask recipe :D


12:17 PM
చేతన_Chetana said...

Thanks for that post Anu! I went into a Lush store for the first time today and got myself "brazened honey" mask. Tried it right after I came home, I think it made my skin smoother even after that one application.

Also, have you ever tried any of their color supplements? My skin is very oily and tends to break out very often, particularly with make up, and leaves dark spots which won't go easily, arrgg!! I've been looking for more organic/natural make up products. If you have tried lush color supplements, can you please do a review?

12:13 AM
nancy said...

Good product. But go you think this product would be beneficial for oily/combo skin?

3:36 AM
giselle said...

Thanks for sharing. Hope this product would be beneficial for me.

4:08 AM
Anonymous said...

Really good product! Its amazing for minimising spots :) Fantastic recommendation!!

1:03 AM
Anonymous said...

Chennai this June, I was thinking, was not that bad. Really.

10:47 AM
Christina said...

hi anu, nice article. I went to the store on B'lore but they were just out of the stuff :( so tried at home your "rub garlic on face" idea. BAD IDEA - girls dont do it!!!! i smashed a tiny bit and put the paste on a little, about to break out zit. it was burning a lot for about 2 min. i left it on for 7-10 min and washed it off. the next day i had a black crust on my face. like when you burn yourself with the hot iron for the hair. horrible! the simple garlic was like acid. after 3 days the black crust came off and now i have shiny pink skin in my face (didnt even know that it was pink underneath all that brown). how come it this didnt happen to you anu? it looks like a scar and i really hope this will heal fast. i ll go to the dermatilogist to prevent further damage.

3:36 PM
Christina said...

ok update: the pink is gone but turned black, brown. the patch doesnt seem to vanish so fast BUT the pimple is gone. atleast some result. I guess next time just take a little slice of garlic, let is rest a few min and then use it on your skin could be a better solution....and not a paste.

9:24 AM
Anonymous said...

Hi , I have to agree with Christina. Please dont apply garlic on face . I had my face skin burnt because of it.

11:16 AM
tamuilgirl said...

If you have sensitive skin, try adding garlic to your diet instead of using it topically. Try two cloves a day by adding it to tomato juice/V8 or crushing it your food in the evening. I suggest the evening to give time for the garlic smell to wear off during the night. In addition, try incorporating some plain yogurt when you are eating garlic, it helped downplay the garlic smell for the next morning.

If you would still like to use garlic topically, keep the garlic for a maximum of 1 minute the first time and increase the time (by 30 second increments) on the following days ONLY if you do not have an adverse reaction. In addition, try using it on your chin acnes first prior to your cheek. My cheeks are extremely sensitive and would burn as other have mentioned; however, my chin did not as long as I used it for just around a minute. Please make sure you wash it our thoroughly and lightly moisturize.

8:15 PM
Anonymous said...

Hey guys lush is coming to chennai this november 12th in express avenue. Just wanted to let u know :)

5:54 AM
Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and I love your tutorials. You have so much grace, even with a whopping headache!

I'd love to try your grandmother's concoction sometime. I know my mom has purchased frozen amla at the asian grocer, so maybe we can get all the ingredients in the States. Can you please post the recipe?

I suffered from oily skin and acne (sometimes cystic) for years. Your skin looks great, so maybe you've beat this already. But if not, I highly recommend going gluten free for a couple months to see if that helps. Once I stopped eating gluten my face cleared up immediately and the oil stopped completely. There's all sorts of info on the Internet regarding what products contain gluten. I know it sounds crazy, but it has been so dramatic a change for me that I always recommend it to people. Especially for Indians, since I think studies of gluten allergies in India are much fewer and far between - people just don't know about it.

12:50 PM
supershotarja said...

i tried stewing neem leaves in boiling water - to get a greenish coloured juice - which i refrigerate and rename antibiotic serum and it considerably reduced the acne inflammations on my skin :P mostly started off as a free product of nature cause of my mom`s treasure trove of medicinal plants in the garden - but it paid off :p u have an awesome blog - being a fellow indian , i totally get wat u r trying to portray :D

1:55 AM
Murano Glass said...

I read your article and i think that i should try this product because of in this products very beneficial for women skin so i like it and thanks for nice share it.

2:40 AM

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