UPDATE: Just moved over the weekend, updates soon

Hey everyone. thanks for being so patient with me. We just moved to a new apartment and it took SO MUCH WORK! i will update soon. We don't even have internet yet so this will hopefully be resolved.

Thanks ladies!


The Housewife said...

I miss your posts, so please come back fast! Hope you guys settle in without any hassle. :)

10:04 PM
Anonymous said...

oh great news ur comming back!cant waite fr ur new posts

will u plz have a post about the latest Lux ad by Katrina kaif hair n make up?
Thanx .

1:09 AM
Mukho said...

Hello Diva :)
Congrats on getting married. Yeah, moving is a big hassle. We're moving at the end of this month. Causing us a lot of anxiety too. Hope you settle in well, and keep writing those hilarious posts just like old times :)

6:18 AM
Divya said...

oh that's great! had been missing your posts a great great deal

6:42 AM
salwar said...

wow ........ It is a great news...

5:27 AM
online sarees said...

It is really good news..

5:28 AM
Beauty and Fashion Tips said...

Even-though I am new to this site, your post are really amazing. Now I have started reading your blogs... :)

Keep posting..

5:07 AM
Archana said...

I miss your posts!!! Start posting again!!

8:18 AM

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