Make-up Look: The Bronzer Made Me Do It!

I know I'm probably jinxing the warm weather (here in D.C. anyway) by getting all summery in my make-up but I can't help it! It's been so gorgeous outside I start going all loopy. For example, I busted out the camera again and since I didn't have an appropriate victim, I took a self-portrait. One of my friends actually recommended that I put it up because she loved the make-up. I have more of my victims to put up this weekend.

And just as an additional note, dear imposter please also don't try to claim my self-portraits or my photography as your own. It's annoying.

Make-up Used:
  • Revlon Photoready foundation in Golden Beige
  • Revlon Photoready powder in Translucent
  • MAC Fix + spray
  • MUFE Full Cover Concealor
  • Physician's Formula Bronze Booster in Medium to Dark
  • Chanel Rose Bronze blush
  • Estee Lauder High Gloss in Bronze (I do NOT recommend this. Worst gloss ever. skip if you want, you'll still get a gorgeous colour from the other one)
  • Chanel Sunset Gold glossimer
  • MAC Ricepaper
  • NARS Casino bronzer used as eyeshadow
  • Guerlain loose kohl in Black
  • NYS Doll Eyes lengthening mascara

Tools Used:
  • Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge (Still loving this like no other. I really recommend it)
  • MAC 129 brush (I have so many blush and bronzer brushes, but really this is so versatile I use it so much)
  • MAC 182 brush
  • Bobbi Brown eye shader brush
  • MAC 217 brush for concealor and highlight

Step 1:
I prepped my face with moisturizer, and then applied Revlon Photoready with the damp Sonia Kashuk blending brush. I made sure to keep the foundation light because this look is summery and bronzey and therefore relegates all heavy looking make-up to our distant memories.

Step 2:
I applied MUFE Full Cover concealor near my tearducts and my under-eyes. I then blended it out with the MAC 217 brush into the foundation.

Step 3:
I set the foundation with powder.

Step 4:
I didn't want anything dramatic on the eyes so I dusted some NARS Casino bronzer on my eyelids to just above the crease with the Bobbi brown eye shader brush.

Step 5:
To add a subtle highlight, I brushed some MAC Ricepaper lightly on my browbone and into the crease with the MAC 217 brush (clean of course).

Step 6:
I lined my waterline with the Guerlain Kohl. I can do a tutorial on how to use this if you'd like.

Step 7:
I applied NYX Doll Eyes mascara to my top and bottom lashes as if people would otherwise take away my hidden stash of chocolate (just apply a lot of it and make sure it's not clumpy, I am battling a cupcake craving here).

Step 8:
With the MAC 129 brush, I applied the Physician's Formula Bronze Booster right under my cheekbone all the way to my temple. Iplaced the bronzer a bit lower because I wanted to give some definition to my cheekbones.

Step 9:
I applied Chanel Rose Bronze blush on the apples of my cheek with the MAC 129 brush and then blended it into the bronzer with the MAC 182 brush.

Step 10:
I mixed Estee Lauder High Gloss in Bronze and Chanel Sunset Gold glossimer on the back of my hand and applied it to my lips.


JB said...

Wow such a great look and you are so beautiful!

You should post more FOTD/tutorials :)

I'd love to see a tutorial on the Guerlain loose kohl.

1:24 PM
SG said...

This is an awesome look, you need to update more often!

5:59 PM
mami of 3 said...

LOVE this look!!!!!!!!!!!
Please share the tutorial for the Guerlain loose kohl.
I agree with JB more tutorial videos. I am a completely challenged when it comes to make up but you truly inspire me and I have purchased some of your recommendations.
Question re: the Mac Fix+ spray. how and when do you use it???
Thank you soooo much.
mami of 3

9:06 PM
Keerthana said...

Wow you look so beautiful! I'm really gonna try to copy this look :P

10:12 AM
hypnotic said...

Yes Guerlain PLEASE i love your eyes in this look

2:08 PM
Frances said...

We can has Guerlain kohl tutorial? Please?

4:18 PM
Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh--you are in DC? I will let you do my makeup anytime! I don't care if it's right before I go to bed!

And yes, I want a guerlain kohl tutorial too. I have the L'oreal kohl liner, and it ends up all over my face. Your kohl looks really nice and clean.

4:52 PM
farah said...

Hii anu!Love this look!Its perfect for Spring!Would u mind to suggest coral lipsticks for indian skintone?Say for NC 43, preferably from MAC? Thanx in advance!!

8:33 AM
Nitu said...

What a gorgeous pic! You look great :) And I also vote for the Guerlain kohl tutorial!!

One question though about your shade of Photoready -- did Golden Beige work well for you? Because I think I read that you're an NC45, and I thought Golden Beige would be too light for your beautiful skintone? (I ask because I want to get the right shade of Photoready. I thought Golden Beige would be too light for me, and I'm an NC40...) Thanks for your help!

9:01 AM
Pooja said...

I've been following your blog for as long as i can remember but never commented. But i had to as i saw this pic. You look absolutely amazing!


12:38 AM
Anonymous said...

Gorgeous as usual. :)

Kohl tutorial please?

10:15 PM
Ronda said...

You are Simply Beautiful.

5:09 PM
Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful look! You look absolutely gorgeous! Do you think you could do a look that women can wear to work? I am a college student and will be starting work soon in a very professional environment and would appreciate any advice/tips :)

9:39 PM
simpleelegance said...

what are the price points of mac in india btw? like how much is the blusher/ eyeshadow. cos im wondering if prices are higher in the uk x

6:03 PM
Anonymous said...

you look absolutely gorgeous !!! simply stunning!!! just for reference what color r u in mac and what # mufe concealer do u use. i m round mac nc 40-42 n wanna get the same concealer.

3:23 PM
Rajni said...

please please do a tutorial on the eye kohl...

8:48 AM
What's The Rage said...

I love the guerlain kohl too!!! it's the best blackest black for your waterline!

2:03 PM
fantastic said...

you look fantastic! now you make me want that bronzer too ;)

8:53 PM
Sugar said...

Gorgeous !!!

12:29 AM
saree said...

excellent comment:)) make-up always important for everybody. It can make people more beautiful.

4:41 AM
emmadee said...


so what do u think about the shimmeryness of photoready?
i reallllly want to try it!!
love the blog!! i love how all the product names just come to u so easily wen u do celebrity inspired look things!
check out my blogg if u like! im just starting outtt

best wishes!

10:01 AM
Smaira said...

hi there - I'm in England and have only just started blogging - and to begin with its just stuff thats in my makeup bag that I can't live without.
Anyway I wanted to find another blogger who is into indian looks - and the first one google found for was you - I think your blog is great!! I will follow you for sure. Please take a look at my very new british blog - its beaity products and my obsession with making cupcakes - if you like it, do follow me :)

thanks, Smaira x

6:12 AM
Smaira said...

ps I have recently done a summer glow look - let me know what you think (and it's nowhere near as gorgeous as yours though lol)

6:13 AM
Michelle Montes said...

Hey I wanted to know what is the use of applying a liquid bronzer as the translucent powder hides all of that. Isn't it easier just to apply a powder bronzer??

11:54 PM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,
Could you do a retro (circa 1984ish) look on yourslef and give us a breakdown? Just for something fun and different.....

9:53 AM
Ashleigh said...

love your blog! as for the photo-- you should make a water mark with your blog's url on it that way everyone will know the original site. I can help you out if you'd like email me!

12:37 PM
Anonymous said...

could you tell me where you get physicians formula in india?

7:13 AM
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Heather said...

Beauty takes time to achieve. The lists on you posts go to show that. Celebrities spend hours getting their make-up done to look as good as they do in movies and photos. It is good that you are showing people how they can achieve the same kind of look.

12:43 PM
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