Bare Escentuals Buxom Big and Health Lip Balm

In the winter, I am something of a quiet person. Not because I'm particularly pensive or because I suffer from introspective introverted moods, but because it hurts so damn much to talk with my lips being as chapped as they are. Gruesomely enough, my lips bleed and peel at the same time (while this makes talking and eating anything with salt painful, it seems to have the opposite effect on my seriously obsessive love for chocolate). I'm an absolute vision in the winter. That was, until a week ago when I strolled into Sephora and was casually playing with the Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Balms. I tapped it onto my lips and made a mental note to rave about this.

The Buxom lip glosses tingle a lot and while I think it's fun for the first couple of seconds, I'm not much of a fan. The Buxom Lip Balm however tingles so lightly int he beginning and after a few seconds just feels 'fresh' on your lips. When I first tried it on, my lips were chapped, peeling, and bleeding. The balm did a wonderful job of softening my lips within minutes. Sometimes balms just sit on my lips and feel waxy, the Buxom Lip Balm sank deep into the desert-like layers of dehydrated skin and moisturized my lips beautifully. 

The balm comes in five different shades and the one I really liked was Portofino. It's a lovely plum wine (as described accurately by BE) that brings a sheer tint to my lips. If you're like me and have pink and purple undertones to your lips, this will make your lip colour looks just bitten but without the chapping. 


Jen said...

Loved your blog. Readers might also be interested in another article I found, about beauty and dry eyes. It can be found at this website:

9:38 AM
blogger said...
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Sun said...

Hey there, I tried to add your blog to my bloglovin account but it didn't find it for some reason. Can you set up an rss feed on there? Thanks in advance, I love the way you write so sarcastically and you are lovely!

My Makeup

3:55 AM
organic lipstick said...

Thanks for the information...seems to be a good and effective lip gloss really.This is a range I haven't used ever.

9:53 PM
What's The Rage said...

Hey I am going to be reviewing a new colored lip balm product on my blog pretty soon (I am just waiting for it to arrive by mail) please check out my blog though! I love yours so much and I am obsessed with makeup as well

11:09 AM
Join the Gossip said...

I like this shade, very pretty!

Hope you are well, haven't heard from you in ages =)

8:59 PM
Lola Re said...

I've tried their olive lip balm, and it was heavenly. Maybe I'll check this out! I haven't had much luck with lip colours lately.

Lola Re

2:56 PM
piecesofme said...

I've just added you to my blog. I think I'm going to love your blog, you have some great tips and advice going. I'm going to look for this lip balm, I've been using Lipsmacker (Dr.Pepper) for a while now and although I love it I think it's time I move to something else. I'm going to try to see if this one you suggested can be a good replacement.

10:19 PM
Madiha said...

Love this post.


8:52 AM
30 days ago said...

I'm going out to buy it NOW.
I bought their diamond lipgloss. I was looking for a shade of super shiny sheer pink (Maybe you can help...I dont know if I love what I bought.), but this balm looks great.

10:52 AM
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