Tutorial: DIY Manicure Part 2

So without further ado, let's continue to the next part: applying the polish.

Products Used:

  • Nail Tek Intensive Therapy II as base coat
  • Nail Tek Quicken Top Coat. I know a lot of people prefer Seche Vite, but this is my all-time holy grail of top coats
  • OPI Grand Central Carnation
  • An ear bud/q-tip with most of the cotton pulled off. This leaves you with very little cotton on the staff so you can get rid of stray polish during clean up. Alternatively, you can use a paintbrush made for acrylic paints for clean up.
  • Sephora by OPI Nail Colour Drying Drops
  • Cotton
  • Non-Acetone Polish Remover

Step 1:

Dip your cotton ball lightly with nail polish remover and clean your nails, even if you cleaned them already at the beginning of the manicure.

Step 2:

Apply Nail Tek Intensive Therapy II as the base coat. I always start by painting the nails with my non-dominant hand first. I find that this way, I don't have to be scared of smudging any nail polish when I need to concentrate on application.

Step 3:

Take enough polish on your brush to coat your nail in a thin layer. Then, place the brush in the middle as close to the middle of the cuticle rim as possible while leaving a small gap between the cuticle rim and the polish. Apply slight pressure to the brush; this will cause the brush to fan out a bit more. Pull the brush all the way forward. I like this technique because I get more control over the polish.
Step 4:

Place the brush back near the middle of the cuticle rim and this time follow the sides of your nail. Finish one coat of polish on all your nails. I find that I don't need to wait to recoat my nails because by the time I'm done with the first coat, I can start at the first finger I polished again.
Step 5:

Apply a second coat to your nails. This time I do wait around 30 seconds.
Step 6:

Apply the Nail Tek Quicken top coat to your nails.

Step 7:

Apply a drop or two of the Sephora by OPI Nail Drying Drops on each nail. Wait around 5 minutes before you touch it.

Step 8:

Dip the poor semi-bald q-tip in some nail polish remover and erase the extra polish or nail drying drops around your nails.


Devi said...

Great posts. I've been meaning to try a DIY manicure for a while now but have been lazy about it. Thanks for making it easy! I just have to buy the products that you suggested and get to work now. You make one gorgeous bride, btw. Congrats!

12:29 PM
Centenial College said...


Fantastic steps here. Thanks. I will try for this.

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12:51 AM
Anonymous said...

Useful info. What is that orange colored stuff under your nails?

12:43 AM
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