Tutorial: DIY Manicure Part 1

Here's something I haven't revealed to the world yet. I love nail polish. At one time, I would change the colour every day. After a tragic accident in September last year, I lost an entire nail (I have photos for all who have a strong stomach) and the bare nail bed on my left index finger (completely bare mind you; and might I remind you that I can post that pic if you'd like).

So now that my nail has almost healed, it still looks 'slightly vomitous' to quote my husband, here's a quick tutorial on a DIY manicure.

Tools Used:

  • Nail File according to the level of coarseness that you need
  • Lacrosse Cuticle Pusher. I like this infinitely more than cutting my cuticles
  • Finger Bowl. That's what I call it at least for soaking your fingers.
  • Cotton wads for removing nail polish

     Products Used:

    • Sally Hanssen Gel Cuticle Remover
    • Softsoap hand soap
    • Non-Acetone Polish Remover from CVS. I prefer non-acetone but most people don't. 
    • Yes to Carrots Feel the C Pampering Hand & Nail Spa
    • Essie Lemon-Guava Smoothie
    • Lavender essential oil (optional)
    • Nature's Gate Vitamin E oil
    Pardon my horrific nail if you chance to see it.

    Before Starting:

    • Squirt some hands soap into the finger bowl and fill with warm water. You can add a few drops of essential oils to this if you'd like.

      Step 1:

      Start off by drenching a cotton ball with nail polish remover and getting rid of all the old polish on your nails.

      Step 2:

      Soak your fingers in the finger bowl for five minutes or so.
      Step 3:

      Scrape some of the Yes to Carrots scrub out of the pot, mix with a little water, and exfoliate your hands.

      Be sure to exfoliate around your nail as well. I like to do this as it keeps my cuticles soft and more pliable. This way I can just push them back and no need for cutting.

      Step 4:

      Dab your hands dry with a towlette or tissue.
      Step 5:

      Apply Sally Hanssen Gel Cuticle Remover to your cuticles and massage it in.
      Step 6:

      Push your cuticles back gently. I find that I get to 'shape' my cuticles a bit and they look neat and, well, manicured if I push along the sides and the cuticle rim.
      Step 7:

      Remove dirt from under the nail. I used the other side of the cuticle pusher as it has a blunt knife on the other side which can't even cut through butter. Feel free to use a nail brush or whatever you prefer for this task.

      Step 8:

      Shape your nails by filing them. If you need to cut them down a bit before filing them, you should do so and then proceed to shape them. I find that filing my nails doesn't work out as well if i use a left-to-right motion to shape them. Instead, I shape by filing in one direction.
      Step 9:

      Shape the edges of your nails by filing from the outside-in. This allows you to shape the edges properly.

      Step 10:

      Massage in some Smoothie goodness by Essie.
      Step 11:

      Massage some cuticle oil. I absolutely adore Nature's Gate Vitamin E oil for this.


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