Revlon Photo Ready Foundation, Worth the Hype?

First off, thank you all for the support on the impersonator drama. Also, dear impersonator, you're still not me.

Secondly, I have been testing out Revlon Photo Ready for a while and I'm ambivalent on it. So here's my review after a long trial period.

When the rumour about the advent of this foundation spread I worked myself into a frenzy where I dreamt I could finally show the finger to Make-up Forever HD foundation. The latter is gorgeous on everyone and I've used it on so many women. The only thing is it makes me break out uncontrollably. So when Revlon came up with their dupe of the HD foundation, I was, I'm going to make an understatement here, interested.

After hunting down the foundation (it was the make-up equivalent of landing the role of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and deliberating much on the right shade, I took it home as one would take home a lottery ticket that could possibly win a $678 million dollar jackpot. The only thing I pretty much didn't do was stroke it and whisper "My precious..." like Smiegle did in Lord of the Rings (nerd alert).

 The first thing that popped to mind in the store was that while it is supposed to be a great foundation, the range is fairly limited. I also found that the shade I got was not a perfect match as it was slightly darker and a tad more orange that I would have liked. I needed some form of powder to balance out the colour.

The packaging is actually very nice and it comes with a convenient pump. The consistency of the foundation is not as gel-like as Make-up Forever's HD foundation but it does apply very well. It blends in beautifully and it's easy to sheer out. The finish is a lovely, believable satin that screamed sophistication. It looked great initially.

The problem with the foundation is that as the day progressed, it emphasized dry spots. These dry spots were imaginary before I applied the foundation, mind you. Even with a good primer I was not able to get rid of flaky looking skin even if it was reduced.

The glitter that everyone seems to complain about doesn't really bother me. In the sunlight, I can see some of the particles sparkle. However, for the non-Twilight fans, I was able to tone this down with some powder. 

This foundation, had it stayed the way it looked when I first applied it, would have been perfect. It blends beautifully, provides buildable coverage, gives a satin finish, and doesn't break me out. However, even with the sparkle toned down, my skin looks so incredibly dry at the end of the day.

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Ranjani said...

Hey Anu,
Thanks for this review, I've been meaning to try this foundation out. I got a few samples of the MUFE HD stuff and it broke me out too even though it covered flawlessly. What color foundation did you end up using? I'm b/w a c4-c6 in mac and was wondering if I'd be able to get a good match.

9:46 AM
Anonymous said...

Guerlain Loose Kohl in Noir. where can I find this product?

5:16 AM
Ali said...

Hey Anu, I just wanted to say what a nice job you are doing. I recently discovered your website. There are alot of blogs out there, but not a lot for Indian women with olive skin tone. My hunt for a concealer has been driving me insane, I did pick up a few help hints, as they are different tones for us Indian women. Thanks again!

9:37 PM
Heena Bajaj said...

Hi Anu,
I have been a recent visitor to this blog and may I say, GOOD WORK!!10 minutes on this blog and I couldn't believe that it is all coming from one person..! Well now you have me here as a fan of this blog.
Also, I am getting married this year and am going to Dubai Shopping Festival for some shopping. Can you tell me the best product(brand) for the essentials in make-up? It will be really helpful if you could respond soon on this..will really appreciate it!

11:42 AM
Keerthana said...

This blog is so helpfull! Your tips are amazing, now I know how to shape my face. So keep up the good work.

I´d love to try this foundation but I don´t think it will match my skintone.

4:03 AM
Afterglow Cosmetics said...

Emphasizing dry spots would not work for me too...actually foundation type has to also match the texture or type of the skin.For dry skin a little oily foundation looks great.

organic foundation

9:56 PM
anu said...

hey cn u pls let me know the price of this foundation n in hw many shades its available in?

1:28 AM
What's The Rage said...

Have you tried Revlon's Color Stay foundation? I make it a tinted moisturizer using Olay face lotion. I love your blog! and your writing style! please check out my blog ( and follow me! thanks so much!

8:08 PM
Centennial College said...


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2:43 AM
Smaira said...

Hi there - have you tried MAC's full coverage studio fix fluid foundation? (in fact have reviewed on my blog) - I swear by it - but might be tempted to try revlon having read your review....

6:21 AM
Anonymous said...

nice blog!

7:20 AM
sharon said...

HI is the makeup forever foundation in india if so where please please let me know ... and yea the revlon photo ready makeup also .... :)

11:30 AM
Anonymous said...

What color did you get? What would you suggest for a lighter skinned Indian girl? Thanks :)

8:28 AM
Anonymous said...

hey i ve been on the hunt for this foundation but its not at any of the leading dept stores could you kindle suggest where i can purchase it ?

9:26 PM
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