Dear Facebook Impersonator, You Are Not Me

Someone on facebook called Anu Artist has been impersonating me and taking my pics. PLEASE take down the profile. I am going to contact facebook etc if you do not do so immediately.

Everyone else, sorry for the drama :).


Ranjani said...

That sucks Anu:(- it's amazing how some people will stoop so low! I hope this resolves itself soon.

9:32 AM
Arabesque said...

Anu, this is outrageous! Good thing you're making it public. Maybe I'll just write to that jobless person and tell them to get a life!!

10:54 AM
Arabesque said...

Actually, I went ahead and reported them to Facebook. I hope this person has the sense to take the profile down soon. Stay well.

10:57 AM
Anu said...

*hugs* thanks so much all of you. you are wonderful. i reported them too, i hope they take it down.

11:25 AM

a-hem said...

!!! Good thing you found it! And she's added a 150 people too!

9:20 PM
An Indian's Makeup Blog ! said...

For real ! Man these things and splogs all just get to me.

4:16 PM
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