Anastasia Brow Pencil: I Think I Hear a Stampede

Most brow pencils are quite pigmented and they require some finesse so that you don't overdo it. I would know, I have very thick brows which are no-so-thick as they approach my nose. Enhancing my brows there is like walking a thin line between naturally-born female and 'wow, that operation wasn't exactly a success.' I tend to skip enhancing my brows altogether simply because I end up looking so ridiculously severe and angry. Enter Anastasia's wonderful brow pencil.

Because of this pencil, I no longer have to dread being questioned on my femininity or my friendliness. The pencil is hard and waxy and I think this is what keeps my eyebrow hairs in place all day. I also am guessing that this is what also makes the brow pencil a bit sheer, which is exactly the reason it is so perfect.

Brow pencils for people with black hair are usually too severe, too dark, too brown, too gray, etc. Anastaria's brow pencil in Brunette is a perfect natural enhancer to my dark brows. Since the product is sheer, it really gives you the ability to build up to the look you want. Even then, it takes a lot of work to look like your brows are anything but natural with this brow pencil.

The sparse-r area near my nose is a true test to whether a brow pencil is worth its weight in blush. Anastasia's brow pencil has surpassed this test. I can fill in the inner corner of my brows and the result is so unbelievably natural that I went out to get a back-up of this. Oh, and did I mention it lasts all day? Run or stampede your way to get this brow pencil. It's a dark-haired girl's best friend (brow-wise anyway).

Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge Part 2

Here's a continuation of the Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge tutorial. Hope you like it.

Step 1:
Dab some bronzer onto the pointy side of the Blending Sponge. Don't scoop up too much but I like to apply it from the sponge onto the face rather than dab it on the face and then blend out. For some reason, I find that this gives you a more natural finish and control.

Step 2:
Place the sponge on the apple of the cheek and slowly blend the cheekbone and temple.

Step 3:
With light, fluttery strokes (doesn't this line sound like it came from a Fabio-drenched-drenched-in-oil-and-hair-ablazin'-with-hapless-heroine-in-tow-romance novel?) blend the bronzer all the way into the temple. This is where the shape of the sponge really helps. I love using the slope/point to follow the line of my cheekbone and can really direct where I want to place the bronzer. It also allowes for great precision blending.

Step 4:
With the round side, 'bounce' the sponge over the bronzer. This sheers it out a bit and blends it seamlessly into the skin. If you want to add intensity repeat the process until you get the desired depth.

Final Result:
Ta-dah! Here is the final result.

Using the Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge Part 1

Here is the promised tutorial on using the Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge. Excuse the stains on mine. No matter what I do, the stains don't ever go out.

Step 1:

Dot foundation on your face. I like to do this because I find that I use less product than if I were to put it ont he back of my hand and then transfer it to my face with a brush or sponge.

Step 2:

Bounce the round side of the blending sponge over the foundation. Keep bouncing it to spread the foundation.

Step 3:

Dot some concealor on problem areas with the pointy side of the sponge.

Step 4:
With the pointy side, blend the cocnealor into the nooks and crannies of the area. I love this side of the sponge as it really lets me get great application on my under-eyes and the sides of my nose.

Step 5:
With the round side, bounde the sponge gently over the concealor to blend it into the foundation.

Work Essentials Part 3: Cheeks

Now that we're still not up to date with the promised updates (I know they should be here soon. So sorry, been sick and had a sinus infection), I have an update on my work essentials.

Bobbi Brown Pink Truffle Rouge Pot
This is my favourite cream blush of all time. I don't think I can think of any other blush that is as flattering on my nc45 skin as this one. The texture is a little thicker than your average cream blush but it blends out easily. The finish you get is a dewy, this-is-all-part-of-my-natural-skin glow that helps me look less like the groggy undead when I wake up after a sleepless night where the neighbour's car alarm goess off 6 times (This is a true story. I hate my neighbour). The colour is a perfect dusty rose that is both non-offensive and subdued while adding the right amount of colour to brighten the face. The colour can easily be built for extra drama. This is one of the few staples that I think almost all desi women, regardless of skintone, can wear.

MAC Blushbaby

If I had to choose between all my MAC blushes (every time I write something about choosing between my blushes I have to remind myself that this is only hypothetical and it won't really happen), I would choose Blushbaby. This mauvy-rose blsuh is matte and looks uneventful in the pan but once worn gives my cheekbones definition while adding the right hint of colour. It doesn't look the least dull or flat on my cheeks. Do not be afraid of the seemingly unpigmented state of the blush as it has the right balance of colour to enhance my nc45 skintone. All in all, the perfect work neutral.

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