Request: Kareena Kapoor's Eyeliner

I got a request on how to do Kareena Kapoor's eyeliner in Kurbaan, and so here it is. And no, do not be too shocked, I'm actually getting back on top of things (let me know what you think of the new layout).

Recommended Make-up:
  • MAC Blacktrack fluidline
  • Nars Night Clubbing eyeshadow
  • MAC Typographic

Apply a thick line of MAC Blacktrack on your top lid, from the inner corner to slightly past the outer corner. Create a very small, delicate flick with your liner. Pat Nars Nigh Clubbing on top to give the liner a bit more depth. Line your lower waterline with MAC Blacktrack. With a pencil brush or a q-tip, rim your lower lash line with MAC Typographic eyeshadow in a fairly thin line and smudge it out a bit.

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shivali said...

I'm liking the new layout. It's fun and colourful. I will miss the old layout though, but I'm also a believer that change is always a good thing :-)
I really like how Kareena does her eyes.
I recently saw her pics in Vogue. I love her eye makeup in those pictures too. It's probably quite basic, but it makes her eyes look so deep.
If possible, could you please show how that is done too?
Thank you.

11:14 PM
Anonymous said...

like the new layout. can i say how great your site is! congrats on the wedding.

8:11 AM
SmartyArtChiq said...

I love Kareena Kapoor! i saw her and jab we met. she is so beautiful to me. and as this is my first time here i dont know your old layout so i love this one!!!!

6:16 PM
Anonymous said...

Am so used to your old layout, this was such a change! Great to know you are back and love love your blog.


4:09 AM
Hijabi Apprentice said...

I will be duping this look for a dinner party I'm hosting tomorrow night! Thanks0. Oh I love the new layout it's cute and fun!

11:04 PM
Monica Sanford said...

Another, & more effective & less expensive option than Nars or Mac, is Erth Minerals in Coal ( ).

10:27 AM
Deana said...

To follow up on the above comment... i like your new layout as well... love your articles btw

2:53 PM
Anonymous said...

kareena and her eye make up is amazing i have beautiful eyes but cannot afford to get those expensive products

12:30 AM
30 days ago said...

HI Anu,
Has she done something to her upper waterline also? Also, can we get the same effect using any black liquid liner and eye pencil?
I dont visit your site often... my lunch breaks seem to get shorter everyday. But your site design has changed a couple of times, and this one is awesome! So chic and smart and some other cute adjectives!

11:05 AM
Anonymous said...

I thought she applied like a kohl line to her top lid...are you sure the liquid eyeliner won't be too harsh ?

10:54 PM
mallika said...

i prefer you showing us with a video

4:32 AM

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