Holiday Beauty Part 1: Hide the Black Liner, Bring in the Navy

I wanted to type 'throw out the black liner' but then even I knew the absurdity of that statement. I changed that statement so that I would still be allowed entry into India.

When I was younger and practicing the art of make-up, my friend's younger sister would ask me bewildered: "What's the point of make-up if you can't tell you're wearing any." I was in high school and not allowed to wear anything and the few times I got to borrow my friends' make-up (insert eeewww noise here), I had to do it subtly. The point of this confession is that sometimes, we need to step out of the box a bit, and navy liner is something every, and I mean every, brown-eyed girl needs.

A deep, smouldering navy liner is perfect for the holidays (and upto your deathbed-trust me on this one). No brown-eyed girl should ever be without it. It makes the whites of your eyes pop and it somehow brings out gold and amber undertones to my brown eyes. And don't worry, it's subtle enough that you won't be jarred.

My favourite navy liners are:

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in 3L

This is a beautiful iridescent navy pencil that stays put through a rainstorm (was wearing this once during a very bollywood moment where I was trying to be glamorous in the rain; luckily I was alone), a bit of crying after watching UP! (great movie by the way), and even a short nap. It's my go-to navy liner that I had to replace as I have worn my old one to a stub. As this is slightly more on the navy side than a blackened navy, you can always tone downt he look with black eyeliner or eyeshadow if you please.

Kevyn Aucoin The Precision Eye Definer in Dazzle

This looks as navy as the 3L pencil only it's a lot more deep and black. I would say that this is for those amongst the brown-eyed that are a bit trepidacious or are possibly in the process of writing concerned emails to me telling me that I should take one and only one of that little pill no matter how pretty it is. In all seriousness, this cream liner is great if you want that hypnotic gaze you get with navy liner without stepping too far from black. It looks more blue in the pot than it does on the skin. It also wears really well and is a great holiday/everyday essential.

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priya said...

thanx for the post,make me wanna try it!i stick to black usually ,but im gonna give it a try.

9:13 AM
Husha said...

Yay I already have blue liner!! I wore it the second week of high school & got a compliment everywhere I went (cafeteria, chem lab..bathroom!). It makes brown-eyed girls look like hot Egyptian queens.

5:03 PM
Anonymous said...

I have been using blue liner since I bought it. I use the drugstore brands Rimmel and L'Oreal... They r super cool. Somehow black looks weird on me now :)

10:23 PM
Frances said...

Totally agree. I loved navy liner and shadow on dark brown eyes. But this holiday season, I'm rocking a brilliant shimmery blue liner (Pupa Multiplay in 15, disgusting name, awesome product). It's so vibrant and really striking and makes your eyes look brown but not in the creepy possessed way.

Absolutely love your wedding makeup, btw. Congratulations!

9:12 AM
Musicalhouses said...

I love navy liner! I actually rarely wear black because it's so boring:)

12:30 AM

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