Beauty Confession: I'm a Twihard of sorts (SCREAM), So Some Products Used in New Moon

It hurts to admit this, but I'm a twilight fan. I don't think vampires should be so... vegetarian. I like them a bit more sinister like in the Sookie Stackhouse novels, but I love the twilight series nonetheless (I once almost missed a flight because I was so engrossed on Breaking Dawn). For all those who judge me for this, sticks and stones my friends...

Anyways, here's a little tid bit I got sent on Dermalogica and New Moon.

From Norma Hill-Patton, Makeup Designer for Twilight: New Moon
All of the Actors required a LOT of make up & it was on their faces for long periods of time, so we needed to take particular care of their skins. Vampires don't perspire, don't grow facial hair, don't get lines & certainly don’t get BLEMISHES!

We loved Dermalogica’s Active Moist which we used on most of the Cast as it is quite universal & suits most types of skin.  The Pre Cleanse was invaluable for cleansing off the body make up, especially because we had to apply a make up fixative & it was difficult to remove. But we didn't want anything that was harsh or might induce a reaction.

The "Intensive Eye Cream" was great for keeping the fine lines around the eyes at bay. A TINY amount patted under the eye for "final checks" (on top of the make up) did wonders to diminish the lines for close ups ;)

And finally, the Shaving Regime was used on all of the guys with great success! Again, it was really important to be sympathetic to their skins as they had to have a REALLY CLOSE shave. I'm a great fan of the shaving oil and it can be used for "wet" shaves or electric shaves! We even had to shave some of them in the middle of the day to maintain the smooth look to their skin!

I also loved the Renewal Lip Complex to keep their lips smooth during the cold, windy days during exterior filming. **Perfect for those up-close kissing scenes!

In fact, we used a lot of the skin care on the entire Cast!”

From Ashley Greene, “Alice Cullen”

My daily regimen My daily makeup regime includes Dermalogica sunscreen. They also have a really great “special clearing booster” for spot treatment on blemishes.  It’s a little more involved on set with hot towel treatments and Dermalogica pre-cleanse to get all that white makeup off. We use a lot Dermalogica products…I love the Microfoliant!”

From Tinsel Corey, “Emily, the pack mother”

My daily skin regimen is a Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer. Once a week an exfoliant, and a hydrating mask. I alternate between products though, one of my favorites is Dermalogica. One of main things that also helps with my skin is taking my multi-vitamins, zinc and flaxseed oil caps.”

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Divija Reddy said...

Anu, I was/will always remain a religious reader whateva of ur blog:) All d while, I thought I was following ur blog, but I got 2 know tat 2day I am infact not! Nice 2 c u after a long hiatus! Wish u a happy married life!

Ur new layout is jazzy & sweet jus' like ya! Sorry 4 not talking abt Twilight coz I believe 26 is too old:) nee bother! take care, honey :)

6:45 AM
Anu said...

hi divija,

i still read books meant for very young children. not exclusively, but one of my favourite books of all time is the boy with the bronze axe. GREAT book btw. but it's still a kid's book :(. i have NO shame in bookreading (except maybe one subject: fishing. i wont be caught dead with a book on fishing. not sure why)

11:34 AM

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