So... I went and got married

Here's my make-up of the day. I'm a bit lazy to do a complete step by step but i'll post more in the weekend.

Products Used:

  • Le Blanc de Chanel. The world's most amazing primer for oily skin.
  • Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
  • YSL Touche Eclat in no 3
  • Too Faced Shadow insurance as an eyeshadow primer
  • Chanel Le Bronze eyeshadow
  • Smashbox Bliss eyeshadow to highlight
  • Black Radiance Continuous Creme Eyeliner in black
  • CoverGirl Lash Blast Waterproof Mascara in black
  • Chanel Mocha blush
  • MAC Prep 'n' Prime Lip
  • Chanel Orientale lipstick
  • Lancome Sunray lipgloss


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS! love your blog.

8:46 AM
Emmy said...

hey is that you in the picture? you look so lovely! i love your blog could you please post some infos about indian women and their beauty secrets? or which indian beauty products you would recommend for hair, skin etc? i live in new jersey close to edison and there are many indian shops and i think they also carry beauty products. since i dont know which ones are good to try i would appreciate it if you could give me some tips. thank you and congrats for your wedding! i am newlywed too i got married on valentinesday this year :)

10:17 AM
Alex said...


10:37 AM
Hijabi Apprentice said...

OMG Congratulations! You look lovely!!

10:51 AM
Arabesque said...

Anu, you look fabulous! Congratulations, gorgeous bride :)

11:14 AM
JB said...

Congratulations, you look beautiful!!!!

12:48 PM
Ranjani said...

Congratulations, you look fabulous:)

1:48 PM
An Indian's Makeup Blog ! said...

You look beautiful ! Cant wait to see & hear more from ya !

2:01 PM
a-hem said...

!!! You TOTALLY sprung that on us! *goes back to read wedding makeup posts to make sure*

Congratulations to you and the supremely lucky guy. Love the makeup and the sari! :)

2:50 PM
Anonymous said...

Congrats girl. You're a good catch, he's a lucky guy.

5:57 PM
JJC said...

lol you sound so excited. congratss..ur makeup looks good..

7:00 PM
Nalini said...

Congrats Anu!!! forget blog for few days and enjoy your days.. :-)

7:06 PM
J said... are gorgeous..

8:13 PM
Anonymous said...


7:30 PM
streetsmartjunkie said...

congrats girl !!
love yer blog !!

10:30 AM
Anonymous said...

OMG congratulations!!!! you look soooo amazing and it looks like a beautiful wedding ! :)

12:07 AM
Vaishnavi said...

Congrats!! You look fabulous!

8:09 AM
Anonymous said...

Congratulations Anu - you look so happy and beautiful!

2:40 PM
faryanna said...

Owwhhhh congrats Anu!!!!

9:13 PM
Anonymous said... your blog..was wondering why there were no posts for a long time. Mystery solved :-) You look lovely.

6:58 PM
Syna said...


Would love to see close ups of ur wedding makeup..

12:46 PM
Husha said...


10:43 AM
Frances said...


Also, you're disgustingly hot.

Also, hand over that lipstick!

1:30 PM
Anonymous said...

Congrats! Can't wait to see more pics!

2:26 PM
Anonymous said...

Congrats! You look gorg!
Thanks so much for your blog, I'm Indian gal from Canada and you have like basically the same complexion as me, which is refreshing.
Seriously, you're so pretty. I wish indian actresses actually had a dark skin tone sometimes, they would super pretty.
Anyways, I'm rambling but the point is, your blog really helps me decide on what makeup to use. And I'm a teen, whose mom doesn't wear tons of makeup, so I like the advice!!

6:40 PM
Anonymous said...

Congrats! =D

8:39 PM
Mary said...


I came across your site by chance as I was busy browsing for make up tips for my wedding in Dec. I must say I absolutely love your blog. You make a very beautiful bride!!!I'm the same skin tone as you but with dry skin. Do post some more close up pictures of your make up. I'm in the process of experimenting as I have an early morning..(literally dawn)ceremony and will have to do my own make-up.


1:51 PM
Divija Reddy said...

Anu, this is a shocker, but am so happy for ya. Congrats and god bless u couple. I am kinda old follower to ur blog since long, not even sure how long.

Do I have to say u luk gorgeous? I too started blogging, but not a guru like u.

4:28 AM
BeautyTalk said...


8:18 AM
Anonymous said...

Congratulations! you look lovely! Zahra

6:05 AM
*~mad munky~* said...

many congrats :o)

9:18 AM
Canadian Brownie said...

Hello, I am a Canadian brownie. I check your site from time to time to get make-up/hair tips. This website has been very useful for me because I learn what colours to use for my skin tone. I wanted to congratulate you on your new marriage and I wish you a blissful wedded life.

Best wishes,
Canadian brownie

9:51 AM
Anonymous said...


You looked gorgeous (I expected nothing less). I wish you two all the best!

7:16 AM
Join the Gossip said...

CONGRATS!!! =) Beautiful!

9:58 PM
Anonymous said...

dearest anu, what a surprise! congratulations to your wedding!!! I really hope this doesnt keep you from keeping up the blog ;) I m a german based indian and I LOVE ur blog, specially cos your skin tone is similar to mine. Thx for all the tips and tricks. never stop this blog, it really helps all us desi girls in the world. I like it very much that you have a few natural facial masks. Keep it up! *Christina*

1:24 AM
tahitian11 said...

CONGRATS! You look beautiful. Love your blog! new subscriber!

8:35 AM
Anonymous said...

hello what is the coulour of Maybelline Dream Matte Powder you used ? plz

12:39 PM
Visha said...

Congrats Anu, now ask your mom to rid you of all the eyes! Happy Married Life Anu!

11:33 PM
megha said...

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4:38 AM
Eva said...

great post

3:35 PM
Anonymous said...

hi anu,

Congradulations on getting married! i have been fllowing your blog for quite some time. I really like it and i have tried a lot of products you sugget. do you know of any good makeup artists in chennai who can do bridal makeup .

5:56 PM

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