Prescriptives Just Kicked the Bucket

I hope you're wearing waterproof mascara because Estee Lauder has announced that it will cease wholesale distribution of Prescriptives. Reuters reports that:

U.S. cosmetic and fragrance seller Estee Lauder Cos Inc (EL.N) said it would close the global wholesale distribution of its 30-year-old Prescriptives skin-care products brand by Jan. 31, 2010, as the brand's value was no longer viable in the current market environment.

I can't think of anything witty to say as I am a blubbering mess. I get very emotional about make-up. May Prescriptives beautify people in the next world, as it has done to so many in ours.


Anonymous said...

just wondering, habe you tried the fiberwig mascara? I'm thinking about buying it, it has so many great rewievs but I'm not sure how good it is on indian lashes, it that makes sense?

4:25 AM
Dry Hair said...

I LOVE Their foundation!! Perfect for Indian skin tones! And their custom blends..I cant believe they are going out of business:(

1:51 PM
Divya said...

Came across your blog quite by fluke..and I can't believe I have missed reading it all these years!!! You have a great blog for Indian women and some of the most awesome tutorials! Keep up the great work..and thanks for sharing.

10:02 AM
farah said...

This has got to be the worst news for me in this year as Im using their Virtual Skin foundation for almost 10 yrs!I just coudn't believe this!SOB SOB!!!!!!!

8:26 PM
Anonymous said...


Had gone through your blog just today..its amazing...i have a question in which i think you can help me out.Can you suggest some good tinted moisturizer for daily use? I heard Cover Girl and Nivea Visage are good. Btw i stay in India, so please suggest some product that i can get over here.
Thanks in advance.

2:30 AM

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