Cosmedicine Cleanser: Am I Glowing Yet?

I'm not one for pricey cleansers. La Roche Posay's Effaklar Gel Cleanser makes me bleeds silent blots of crimson blood every time I buy it (but it's so completely worth it). The Cosmedicine line at Sephora always intrigued me because it was developed by a panel of experts who promise "Cosmedicine won't BS you." I'm not sure if their marketing team is that diabolically good or I'm just that susceptible to beauty-speak, but I fell for it. Here's my review of Cosmedicine's Healthy Cleanse cleanser.

I have mixed feelings about the Healthy Cleanse cleanser. Cosmedicine advertises this cleanser as a cleanser, make-up remover, and toner all in one. It retails for $30 and I got mine at Sephora during a promotional event where they sold the full-size for $8. Deal right? Apparently not.

It's not that it's a bad cleanser, but the Healthy Cleanse isn't that great either. Sephora and Cosmedicine list a great number of benefits from this product that I'm not sure the cleanser develops because it's on my face for around a nanosecond. After which it's in the drain. Maybe my sink has been "smoothed, purified, and refined" but my skin hasn't been any different since I started using it.

The cleanser itself is in a pump bottle that dispenses a foam. I work it into my moistened face and try to get a deep clean. Unfortunately, I don't seem to get a real clean feeling from this cleanser and usually have to to wash my face one more time to get my face compeltely clean.

To be fair though, the cleanser hasn't irritated my skin at all and doesn't inflame any angry parts of my skin. This makes it an expensive option for something that I can find for much less. Would I pay $8 for the full-size bottle? I did, and I don't regret it (although I much prefer Olay's gentle cleanser for sensitive skin which retails for around $4). Would I pay $30? Not if there are any more CVS stores left in the world.

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