Work Essentials Part 3: Cheeks

Now that we're still not up to date with the promised updates (I know they should be here soon. So sorry, been sick and had a sinus infection), I have an update on my work essentials.

Bobbi Brown Pink Truffle Rouge Pot
This is my favourite cream blush of all time. I don't think I can think of any other blush that is as flattering on my nc45 skin as this one. The texture is a little thicker than your average cream blush but it blends out easily. The finish you get is a dewy, this-is-all-part-of-my-natural-skin glow that helps me look less like the groggy undead when I wake up after a sleepless night where the neighbour's car alarm goess off 6 times (This is a true story. I hate my neighbour). The colour is a perfect dusty rose that is both non-offensive and subdued while adding the right amount of colour to brighten the face. The colour can easily be built for extra drama. This is one of the few staples that I think almost all desi women, regardless of skintone, can wear.

MAC Blushbaby

If I had to choose between all my MAC blushes (every time I write something about choosing between my blushes I have to remind myself that this is only hypothetical and it won't really happen), I would choose Blushbaby. This mauvy-rose blsuh is matte and looks uneventful in the pan but once worn gives my cheekbones definition while adding the right hint of colour. It doesn't look the least dull or flat on my cheeks. Do not be afraid of the seemingly unpigmented state of the blush as it has the right balance of colour to enhance my nc45 skintone. All in all, the perfect work neutral.

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sonaly said...

hi anu ,

i've been reading your blog for a while, and I enjoy it :)

i just wanted to mention - i'm indian as well, and the same skin tone-ish, and my staple blush has to be MUFE's Sculpting Blush #14 - Raspberry Brown. If you're ever shopping for a new blush, you HAVE to try it. It is very pigmented (will probably last me forever) and just a gentle sweep on the cheeks with the 187 brings a glow to my face in the mornings. Perfect for work, and you can build it up for night if you needed to.

8:07 AM
Karishma said...

Hey Anu,
Am a long time lurker on your site and OMG hv tried (successfully) a ton of stuff based on your recommendations. And now would love your expert opinion on the chanel glossimer. I haven't been a fan of lip glosses just coz of the stickiness factor but have heard only good things about the glossimers. But since it costs a bomb I would love to know what shade to go for beforehand. I am a MAC NC42. Waiting for your reply :)

12:37 PM
Karishma said...

Oooh n yeah if u have other options (read cheaper but not sticky and preferably long-lasting) I would love to know that. Also what I am looking for is a healthy hint of natural reddish-pink color(dont hv the pinkest lips, sorta blend in with my skin color, so sheer glosses with no color just wash me out.) Thanks in advance :)

12:54 PM
Divya said...

Hey Anu!

I was wondering if you could tell us readers what are your fave products to take to India for skincare, hair and make up? The humidity there kills my daily look that I pull off in the United States and my makeup melts! Not to mention the humidity in Chennai makes my hair contort like a cirque de soliel arcobat!!!! Please help!

9:49 AM
didolivescooks said...

hello Anu, though I have been stalking ur site many times, I just found sense to write something now... cant wait to try the Bobbi Brown Pink Truffle Rouge Pot.... hmmmph... so hard to find something for Indian skin tone here in Frankfurt stores... but will order this and check it out :P cheers

5:41 AM
faryanna said...

I'm confused, the other day I checked out Bobby Brown Raspberry and Pale pink.So pink truffle is ur fav? Which one u recommend for everyday glow flushed look?

1:35 PM
Join the Gossip said...

I have never used cream blush before. Is it difficult to get used to applying?

9:46 PM
Raj said...

Good blog to know the different products of make-up.

Work from home

1:45 PM
Anu said...

Hey Sonaly: I could always use another blush. *always*. thanks for the rec :).

Hey Karishma: thanks for reading. i LOVE chanel glossimers. The colours are so lovely and complex and the texture is amazing. I love eclipse, hibiscus, and spark. these are along the lines in terms of the colour you're looking for.

Hey Divya:
In Chennai, I make sure I have my sunscreen, eyecream, a translucent pressed powder that controls my oily skin, and a REALLY good concealor. I skip the foundation because that is just such a mess.

hey didolovescooks: pink truffle is the prettiest most flattering pot rouge there is. I look good in it when i'm dog-tired. It's the go-to cream blush of bobbi's entire line imo. yes, i said it. it is THE standout in her line.

hey faryanna: i really recommend pink truffle for an every day look. it's so flattering and just looks so natural. it's less effort than some of her other pot rouges and is just my go-to cream blush.

hey join the gossip: i love cream blush. I find that it's pretty easy to apply. i have a couple fo tutorials up you can have a look at.

7:43 PM

idlepastime said...

I have mac blushcremes and find the extremely hard to blend. I've been considering getting a stila one and found the consisitancy not very flattering. Then i took up your recommendation and tried this. I am in love with the texture and the ease with which you can apply it and the color is gorgeous. i even love it on my lips. great find~~

5:02 AM

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