Anastasia Brow Pencil: I Think I Hear a Stampede

Most brow pencils are quite pigmented and they require some finesse so that you don't overdo it. I would know, I have very thick brows which are no-so-thick as they approach my nose. Enhancing my brows there is like walking a thin line between naturally-born female and 'wow, that operation wasn't exactly a success.' I tend to skip enhancing my brows altogether simply because I end up looking so ridiculously severe and angry. Enter Anastasia's wonderful brow pencil.

Because of this pencil, I no longer have to dread being questioned on my femininity or my friendliness. The pencil is hard and waxy and I think this is what keeps my eyebrow hairs in place all day. I also am guessing that this is what also makes the brow pencil a bit sheer, which is exactly the reason it is so perfect.

Brow pencils for people with black hair are usually too severe, too dark, too brown, too gray, etc. Anastaria's brow pencil in Brunette is a perfect natural enhancer to my dark brows. Since the product is sheer, it really gives you the ability to build up to the look you want. Even then, it takes a lot of work to look like your brows are anything but natural with this brow pencil.

The sparse-r area near my nose is a true test to whether a brow pencil is worth its weight in blush. Anastasia's brow pencil has surpassed this test. I can fill in the inner corner of my brows and the result is so unbelievably natural that I went out to get a back-up of this. Oh, and did I mention it lasts all day? Run or stampede your way to get this brow pencil. It's a dark-haired girl's best friend (brow-wise anyway).


Anonymous said...

i have the same problem as you! and i go crazy bc i think it looks terrible every time i try to fill them in. i esp crave that camilla/kim k look and im hoping this product doesnt let me down, ima prolly buy it tomorrow! i <3 your blog, i wish you would update more often, keep up the good work! :)


11:27 PM
[a} said...

When I was little, a rock fell on my eye. No injuries, but I got a scar on one eyebrow from it. I really don't like having uneven brows, and brow pencils never looked good. Maybe I will try this! Thanks!

8:10 AM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,
I have 4 staples that I bought with advise form your blog and i use them everyday and cannot do without them!
1. the Anastasia pencil
2. Cover girl tinited moisturiser
3. Bobbi brown pot rouge in pink truffle
4. Makeup forever under eye concealor.

These 4 have become a staple in my makeup bag and i've got rid of most of the rest! Thanks so much Annu for sharing!

12:31 PM
Queenie said...

Thank you for posting this! I have brows that are kind of ~ shape and I've given up on threading since they all try to give me the generic brow which takes away my personality...I mean if it works for SRK why can't it work for ME?
But I still want my brows to look groomed and black pencils make me look like Groucho bloody Marx...not particulary attractive (unless you're Mrs. Groucho)
I'll be snapping up one of these babies asap!
Love your blog, by the way. It's sooo cool to have advice tailored to non-blond people.

10:33 PM
Ranjani said...

great recommendation...I've been on the hunt for a brow pencil, Mac's is too dark and liner like! I'm giving this a shot:)

5:37 AM
achattop5 said...

hi anu! i have been following your blog since high school and love it. the problem is, i usually don't have a lot of time for makeup, i'm a college student. could you post a 10-min look for everyday? something maybe for girls in their 20s. i have pretty clear fair-medium tone skin and dark brown hair/eyes. thanks!

8:17 AM
Anonymous said...

ok so i was the first person to post a comment, and i bought this yesterday, and yes guys this is the SHIZNIZZ, i LOVED the way my brows looked. THANKS ANU!!, this is the first product ive bought solely on your recommendation, im a believer now haha


7:31 PM
Patrice said...

Very good product recommendation. Anastasia's brow pencil deserves a try. Thanks for sharing!

4:44 AM
Jaimie said...

i've used their brow stuff before and I love it. i use it as a brunette and once when i dyed my hair red, brows included! lol

7:50 PM
Kade Boteh said...

I've been meaning to try this pencil, I guess I have no reason not to now!

3:54 PM

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